Business Foreign Language

Major: Public Administration
Code of subject: 8.281.00.M.014
Credits: 3.00
Department: Foreign Languages
Lecturer: Zakaulova Julia Ph.D. (Education), Associate Professor
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: By the end of the study learners are expected to be able to: • communicate in business environment including holding negotiations, signing treaties, holding job interviews, being interviewed. • make public presentations on a number of general issues in the business sphere using appropriate linguistic and non-linguistic means of communication; • write e-mails for business purposes conveying information of immediate relevance /close to professional life; • use business vocabulary, grammar, and specific word partnerships to effectively communicate in English-speaking business environment taking into account all the cultural peculiarities and business etiquette.
Required prior and related subjects: The level of knowledge B2
Summary of the subject: Academic and Professional Socializing. (Types of business letters. Job interviews.Getting prepared for a job interview. Compiling cover letters. HR, Startups. Professional development and learning.) Business English and Academic English peculiarities. Negotiations and presentations. The formal and informal English style of writing and communicating. Formal British and American English. Academic vocabulary and academic grammar. Making product presentations.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control: monologue and dialogical speech, reading, writing. Control test. Final control: differentiated test/credit. The distribution of points according to a 100-point scale Current control (CC) Total for the discipline 100 Classroom work / self-study 100 Writing business letters 10 Vocabulary 5 Speaking 15 Grammar 5 Writing summaries 5 Listening comprehension 10 Presentation on dissertation 10 Control test 40
Recommended books: 1.Trappe T, Tullis G. Intelligent Business. Advanced Business English. Pearson. 176 p. 2. Azar B.S (999) Understanding and Using English Grammar. New York: Pearson Education – 437p. 3. Comfort, J. (1996) Effective Telephoning. Oxford: Oxford University Press. – 126 p. 4. Ellis, M. and Nina O’Driscoll (1992) Socialising. Longmann. – 129 p. 5. Evans, V. (2005) Round Up 6. English Grammar Book. Longman. 6. Academic Vocabulary in Use. Cambridge university press. 7. Academic grammar and vocabulary. Cambridge university press. 8. Словники. 9. Yakchontova T. Academic writing. Lviv. 2003. 220 p.