Public Policy as the Management of Social Processes

Major: Public Administration
Code of subject: 8.281.00.M.033
Credits: 3.00
Department: Department of public policy and governance
Lecturer: Bunyk Mykola Zynovijovych
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. Ability to conceptualize, develop and implement scientific results research for the generation of new knowledge 2. The ability to create and substantiate new knowledge by conducting research, to expand advanced areas of development of the theory and practice of public management, publish research results in leading international publications 3. Communication and the ability to effectively present research ideas orally and in written forms before professional and non-professional audiences 4. Appropriately use information technologies for database management, recording and presentation of material 5. Preparation of project proposals on public sphere problems, including planning, distribution, and monitoring of activities with the definition of tools, and resources for the development of the project, its implementation, and evaluation 6. Application of European governance experience in the public sphere 7. Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the scientific methods and technologies used in research 8. Analyze current training needs related to research and development general competencies; participate in relevant educational activities 9. Demonstrate systematic perception and understanding of the system of knowledge from the theory and public administration practices and the ability to use them in decision-making unforeseen tasks 10. Develop proposals (projects) for regional and sectoral programs of socio-economic development, target prospective programs, and sets of measures aimed at increasing the efficiency of socio-economic development based on the methodology system analysis based on resource provision and implementation mechanisms state management decisions 11. Successful assimilation of knowledge of the specifics of analysis, processing, and interpretation of information the process of information and analytical activity in professional, scientific and scientific and educational activities spheres 12. Successfully defend the dissertation research
Required prior and related subjects: Methodology of scientific research Management of scientific projects History, current state, and problems of public administration in Ukraine.
Summary of the subject: Conceptual principles of modeling and management of social processes. Social processes and public policy. Institutionalization of public policy. Goals and means of public policy. Analysis of public policy. Formulation of public problems. Critical thinking in policy analysis. Public policy as communication. New challenges of public policy.
Assessment methods and criteria: The main evaluation methods are oral and written control (participation in seminar classes, and performing independent work). The exam takes place in the form of a presentation on the concept of public policy (volume of 12-15 slides, report up to 15 minutes, discussion - 20 minutes)
Recommended books: Bunyk M. Fundamentals of state policy analysis. Tutorial. Lviv: LRIDU NADU 2015. – 128 p. Bunyk M. Conceptual foundations of the interaction of politics and management. Tutorial. Lviv: LRIDU NADU, 2010. – 136p.