Communications in Science and Intellectual Property in the Field of Public Administration

Major: Public Administration
Code of subject: 8.281.00.M.028
Credits: 3.00
Department: Department of public administration and public service
Lecturer: Candidate of Public Administration, Associate Professor Halyna Dzyana
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: the student must know: – theoretical foundations of communications in science and academic integrity; – theoretical foundations of creative activity and intellectual property, concepts; – the legislation of Ukraine and international acts, in particular, treaties that regulate matters in the field of academic integrity and intellectual property; the student must be able to: - use the legislation of Ukraine and international acts regulating relations in the field of academic integrity and intellectual property; - use modern information search tools; - to carry out publication activity
Required prior and related subjects: prerequisite: Research seminar in the field of public management and administration, Pedagogical practice, Intellectual Property
Summary of the subject: Scientific communication: history, components, modern trends Basics of information search. Scientific search systems and databases Digital scientific communication. Means of the Internet system for carrying out scientific communication Scientometrics. Digital identifiers Publication process of a scientific article. Reference managers Publishing activity and development of a dissertation project as tools for obtaining a scientific qualification Visualization of the results of scientific research.Academic Integrity: Concept and Practice Legislation of Ukraine on academic integrity Violation of academic integrity Sanctions for violation of academic integrity Codes of ethics and ethical commissions on issues of academic integrity
Assessment methods and criteria: Control and assessment of abilities and skills is carried out during practical classes and aims to check the level of readiness of the applicant to perform specific work. The skills and abilities of the students in the academic discipline are evaluated in several stages, which include current classroom and final control. The points received by the student for the systematic and active work during the semester, the performance of creative work are added. The total (total) number of points in the academic discipline is the basis for making a decision regarding the applicant's receipt of the grade in the academic discipline. Current control (processing of practical tasks and presentation of results during practical classes) - up to 20 points. Execution and defense of an individual educational and practical task (INPZ) - up to 20 points. Final control - exam - up to 60 points.
Recommended books: Dzyana G.O. Communications in the public sphere: teaching method. river for hearing special 281 "Public management and administration" / G. O. Dzyana. - Lviv: LRIDU NADU, 2018. - 52 p. Communications in public administration: a summary of lectures / [O. V. Shebanina, V. P. Klochan, S. I. Tyshchenko, etc.]. Mykolaiv: MNAU, 2018. 200 p. Korotych O.B. Communications in state institutions: education. manual / Korotych O.B. - Kh.: Harry NADU Master, 2012. - 200 p. Dzyana G.O., Dzyany R.B. Management of communications in crisis conditions // Dnipro scientific journal of public administration, psychology, law: professional scientific journal. Issue No. 2. 2022. Public scientific organization "Foundation of Public Legal Initiatives". Odesa: Helvetica Publishing House, 2022. P. 13-21.Tytska J. "Academic integrity" and "academic responsibility" in ensuring the quality of education. URL: