Public Administration in the EU

Major: Public Administration
Code of subject: 8.281.00.M.028
Credits: 3.00
Department: Administrative and Financial Management
Lecturer: Podolchak N. Y.
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - ability to receive, analyze and disseminate among specialists information on the real state of the economy and regional development of the EU countries; - ability to find ways to solve complex practical problems in the professional sphere, which relate to certain problems of regional policy; - ability to effectively manage economic information related to a particular professional activity. - ability to use the mechanism of effective regional management of regulation of economic processes in the country and its regions on the example of the practice of EU countries; - to analyze the economic and political situation in the European Union; - assess current international economic and political developments, as well as determine the place and influence of the EU on them; - to characterize the current state, problems and prospects of Ukraine's participation in the European integration process; - identify opportunities and directions for the development of Ukraine's cooperation with EU countries.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous subjects: European integration; Global integration processes. Related and following disciplines: Leadership and efficiency in public administration.
Summary of the subject: General principles of public administration in the EU: concepts, types and principles Public administration as a form of exercise of public authority Mechanisms, technologies and styles of public administration in the EU Forms and methods of public administration in the EU Tools for EU Public Governance The system of public authorities in the EU Public sphere - as the unity of economic, social and political spheres Reforming the public administration system in the EU
Assessment methods and criteria: Control work, oral examination (40%); final control (60%, control measure, exam).
Recommended books: 1. Shimanke D. Administrative Reforms in Western Europe as a Landmark for Public Administration Reform in Ukraine // Administrative Reform in Ukraine: Current State, Problems and Prospects: Monograph / in Russian. ed. N. R. Nizhnik, N. T. Goncharuk. - D .: Monolith, 2009. - 384 p. 2. Bouckaert, G. Modernizing the Rechtsstaat: Paradoxes of the Management Agenda. - Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 2002. 3. NISPAcee. Public Management Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe. - NISPAcee Press, 2008. —R. 245—257; 287 - 291. 4. Malskaya MP Fundamentals of European integration: a textbook / MP Malska, NV Antonyuk; Lviv National University Univ. I. Franko. K .: "Center for Educational Literature", 2015. 320 p. 5. Boryslavska O. All-European constitutional values as the basis of the European model of constitutionalism. Kyiv Magazine. un-tu right. 2015. № 2. S. 54–58. 6. Khachaturian HV Reorientation of public administration to the needs of citizens: a new European model and Ukraine. Bulletin of Kyiv International University (series: "International Relations"). 2017. № 8. S. 36–46.