Democratic Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe

Major: International Relations, Social Communication and Regional Studies
Code of subject: 8.291.00.M.010
Credits: 3.00
Department: Political Science and International Relations
Lecturer: PhD in Political sciences, associate professor Demchyshak Ruslan.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: ЗН 1. Ability to demonstrate knowledge of modern concepts, understanding of theoretical and practical problems, history of development and current state of scientific knowledge in the field of international relations, public communications and regional studies. ЗН 2.Ability to demonstrate knowledge of theoretical and methodological foundations, conceptual and categorical apparatus of international relations, public communications and regional studies. ЗН 3.Knowledge and skills of scientific research of topical issues of international relations, development and implementation of new innovative projects in the field of international relations. ЗН 4.Knowledge of the basics of management and administration of research projects, knowledge of foreign languages required for the presentation of scientific results and professional scientific dialogue. УМ 1. Apply the acquired knowledge and understanding for scientific analysis of global and regional systems, typical of a chosen field of research; УМ 2.Investigate and model phenomena and processes in complex dynamic systems of international relations. УМ 3.Apply a systematic approach, integrating knowledge from other disciplines and paying attention to socio-political aspects in solving theoretical and applied problems of the chosen field of research. УМ4.Combine theory and practice, as well as make decisions and develop a strategy for solving scientific and applied problems, taking into account universal values, social, state and professional interests. УМ 6.Independently conduct research and apply research skills in the field of international relations, public communications and regional studies/ УМ 7.Assess the feasibility and possibility of new methods and technologies in the study of international relations and world politics;
Required prior and related subjects: - Re-requisites: Contemporary problems of international relations and global politics. - Corerequisite:
Summary of the subject: CEE and SEE countries: general overview (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Greece). The situation of CEE and SEE countries in the early twentieth century. CEE and SEE countries in the First World War (formation of CEE and SEE countries as subjects of international relations). Foreign policy of CEE and SEE countries in the interwar period. (CEE and SEE countries in Versailles-Washington system of international relations). CEE and SEE countries during the Second World War. Foreign policy of CEE and SEE countries during the period of identification of development ways (1940-1950). CEE and SEE countries in Soviet foreign policy and resistance attempts (countries of CEE and SEE in Yalta-Potsdam system of international relations). The collapse of the bipolar world and the establishment of an independent foreign policy of CEE and SEE countries. CEE and SEE countries in international relations in the post-bipolar world under globalization: the choice of foreign policy priorities.
Assessment methods and criteria: - Current control (40%), oral examination, answers on seminars, writing essays. - Final control (60%): examination (three-level testing).
Recommended books: • Marushchak M. Y. Istoriia dyplomatii KhKh stolittia: Kurs lektsii / M. Y. Marushchak. – Lviv: Viiskovyi instytut, 2000. – 403 s. • Pron S. V. Mizhnarodni vidnosyny ta zovnishnia polityka. 1914-1991 roky: Navchalnyi posibnyk. / S.V. Pron. – Mykolaiv: Vyd-vo MDHU im.. Petra Mohyly, 2009. – 140 s. • Istoriia zakhidnykh ta pivdennykh slovian: KhKh st. / [Ie.P. Puhach, S.Iu. Strasniuk, R.M. Postolovskyi ta in. ] ; za red. Puhacha Ye.P. – Kharkiv : Oko, 1998. – 464 s. • Istoriia mizhnarodnykh vidnosyn i zovnishnoi polityky : XX-pochatok XXI st. : Navchalnyi posibnyk / [V.F. Salabai, I.D. Dudko, V.Borysenko, M.P.Chub]. – K.: KNEU, 2006. – 368 s. • Zashkilniak L. Istoriia Polshchi: vid naidavnishykh chasiv do nashykh dniv / L. Zashkilniak, M. Krykun. – Lviv: LNU im. I. Franka, 2002. – 752 s. • Iarovyi V. I. Novitnia istoriia tsentralnoievropeiskykh ta Balkanskykh krain XX stolittia : Pidruchnyk dlia VUZiv / V.I. Yarovyi. – Kyiv: Heneza, 2005. – 814 s. • Iarovyi V.I. Novitnia istoriia krain Skhidnoi Yevropy v 40-vi – 90-i rr. KhKh st. Kurs lektsii : Navch.posibnyk / V.I. Yarovyi . – K.: Lybid, 1997. – 269 s.