Personnel Safety

Major: Financial and economic security management
Code of subject: 7.073.12.E.27
Credits: 3.00
Department: Administrative and Financial Management
Lecturer: PhD, Associate Professor Khymych O.
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Following the completion of the module the student should: Know: - Advanced knowledge of theoretical and applied principles of formation and development business career in management - Advanced knowledge of the legal framework of the organizations of different ownership and activities and their management. Be able to: - Know regulatory and legislative framework in the field of financial and economic security - The ability to use technology, forms and methods of diagnosing the dangers, threats and risks, their assessment and minimization the level and state of economic security, criteria for evaluation of the company.
Required prior and related subjects: -
Summary of the subject: Content, structure and psychological components of management. Psychological readiness of managers to management. Methods of psychology of management. Psychological bases of management decisions. Efficiency of different styles of leadership of administrative personnel. Social position and role of workers of organizations. The motivation of employees as a factor in the success of management. The impact of psychological climate in collectives of organizations on management efficiency.
Recommended books: Карпов А.В. Психология менеджмента: Учебное пособие/ А.В. Карпов. – М.: Гардарики, 2004. – 584 с. Савельєва В.С. Психологія управління: Навчальний посібник/ В.С. Савельєва. – К.: ВД «Професіонал», 2005. – 320 с. Karpov A.V. Psychology of management: Manual / A.V. Karpov. - M .: Gardariki, 2004. - 584 p. Savelieva V.S. Psychology of management: Manual / V.S. Savelieva. - K .: Publishing House "Professional", 2005. - 320 p.
Assessment methods and criteria: current control (100%)