Designing, Part 1 (курсовий проект)

Major: Environment Design
Code of subject: 6.022.03.O.26
Credits: 3.00
Department: Design and Architecture Fundamentals
Lecturer: Ruslan Halyshych, Philosopher Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Know the main stages and patterns of design of summer restaurants; be able to use the method of research and design of analogues; be able to independently analyze the pre-project situation according to the defined requirements of the technical and project task. Choose the most typical analogues of advertising communication, planning solutions and interior equipment of summer cafes. Apply design methods of functional, ergonomic, planning, structural and aesthetic-compositional analysis of analogues and prototypes in the design of advertising and interior parts of the project. Understand the economic and social preconditions at the stage of pre-project research, which determine the nature of cafe design. Visualize and draw orthogonal projections of the design of outdoor advertising and interior space of summer cafes.
Required prior and related subjects: Art History, Part 1; Fundamentals of ergonomics; Materials Science; Fundamentals of environment design; Fundamentals of visual communication design.
Summary of the subject: Abstract art forms based on geometric shapes. Stylization of animals, plants, humans. Associative and figurative compositions. Emotional states. Joy, peace, concentration, pleasure, euphoria, sadness, fear, horror. Music: jazz, rock, reggae, country. The illusion of space. Respectability, reliability, confidence, security. Logo (branded unit, signs). Location. The subject of the restaurant. Menu. Branded food. Additional entertainment offered by the restaurant. Сompany logo (based on previously developed compositional sketches). Location of the restaurant. Entrance group design, signs. Environment design of a summer cafe. Drawing a plan of the interior and exterior space at a scale of 1:100. Plans at a scale of 1:50. Design of a modular forming element for a summer cafe. Entrance group design, signboard. Furniture design: sun protection equipment, bar, tables, chairs, stage, lighting, play area. Perspective image of a summer cafe. The course project is performed in A-1 format, or A-3 album format. Manual graphics. Recommended materials. Liners, felt-tip pens, watermarks.
Assessment methods and criteria: Course project. Current control - 20%; Final control - differentiated credit: graphic part of the project (60%), explanatory note (20%).
Recommended books: 1. Azrikan D.A. Metodicheskaya model' ob"yekta dizayna. Tekhnicheskaya estetika № 9, 1982. – s. 1 – 6. 2. Bezmozdin L.N. Khudozhestvenno-konstruktivnaya deyatel'nost' cheloveka. – Tashkent, Izd-vo «Fan» Uzbekskoy SSR, 1975. – 243 s. 3. Danilenko V.YA. Osnovi dizaynu: Navch. posibnik. - K.: IZMN, 1996. - 92s 4. Dzhons D. Inzhenernoye i khudozhestvennoye konstruirovaniye. – M.: Mir, 1976. – 376 s. 5. Kraft 3. Zashchitnaya marka. - Berlin, 1970. 6. Mentatov V. V. Obraz, znak, uslovnost'. - M.: Vnsshaya shkola, 1980. 7. Metodika khudozhestvennogo konstruirovaniya. - M.: VNIITE, 1983. - 165 s. 8. Utevs'ka F. I. Nevmirushchi znaki. - K.: Veselka, 1981. 9. Khudozhestvennoye konstruirovaniye. Proyektirovaniye i modelirovaniye promyshlennykh izdeliy: Uchebn. Dlya studentov khudlzhestvenno-promyshl. Vuzov/Bykov Z.N., Kryukov G.V., Minervin G.B. i dr.; Pod red. Z.N. Bykova, G.B. Minervina. – Vyssh. Shk., 1986. – 239 s.