Technical and Author's Supervision of Interior Design Projects

Major: Environment Design
Code of subject: 6.022.03.M.83
Credits: 3.00
Department: Design and Architecture Fundamentals
Lecturer: Dr. Olena Berezko, Assoc. Prof., Mr. Ihor Shcherbakov, Senior Lecturer
Semester: 7 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • Knowledge and understanding of the complex nature of the concept of a design project. • Skills to conduct a preliminary customer survey, develop terms of reference for design and offer customers a valid contract. • Competently implement the working documentation of the design project. • Ability to work flexibly and make quick decisions in uncertain conditions caused by workers' actions, internal or external factors influencing the project. • Ability to work in connection with the three main stakeholders of the design project: customers, designers, workmen. • Knowledge of sanitary and hygienic norms, fire safety, the basics of forming a safe and accessible environment for the disabled; • Ability to solve practical problems during the implementation of a design project, which involves a good understanding of building structures and a comprehensive approach to building compositional solutions. • Ability to calculate the estimated cost of a design project
Required prior and related subjects: • Typology of buildings and structures. • Interactive design, part 1 and part 2 • Fundamentals of design of the subject environment • Interior design part 1, 2, and part 3
Summary of the subject: The discipline "Technical and author's supervision of interior design projects" reveals the main provisions of the practice of developing interior design projects and controlling the process of their implementation. Studying the discipline will help students understand the relationship between the nature of the design process and project implementation. The knowledge acquired in learning the field should significantly complement the knowledge that students receive during the course design. This discipline will provide a deeper understanding of the future profession of the designer, as well as prepare the student's mind for creativity. In this discipline the following topics will be considered: - Design project: goals, objectives, stages of implementation; - Planning stage (sketch-idea); - Carrying out a field study of the existing technical condition of the design object: methods, procedure, and sequence; - Engineering and technical systems of the design object; - Power supply and low-current systems of the design object; - Finishing materials for walls, floors, ceilings; - Calculation of the estimated cost of project design.
Assessment methods and criteria: Test (100)
Recommended books: 1. ДБН В.2.2-9-99. Будинки і споруди. Громадські будинки та споруди. Основні положення. 2. Лінда С. Архітектурне проектування громадських будівель і споруд //Навчальний посібник. Львів: Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2010. 3. ДСТУ Б А.2.4-7:200 Правила виконання архітектурно- будівельних креслень. 4. ДСТУ Б А.2.4-4:2009. СПДБ. Основні вимоги до проектної та робочої документації 5. ДСТУ Б А.2.4-10-2009 СПДБ. Правила виконання специфікації обладнання, виробів і матеріалів