Engineering and Design Graphics

Major: Environment Design
Code of subject: 6.022.03.O.5
Credits: 4.00
Department: Design and Architecture Fundamentals
Lecturer: Olha Lysenko, Candidate of Architecture, docent Zinoviya Senkiv, Senior Teacher
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: PRN6. To be aware of the responsibility for the quality of the work performed, to ensure the performance of the task at a high professional level. PRN8. Evaluate the design object, technological processes in the context of the design task, form an artistic design concept. PRN9. Create design objects by means of design and graphic modeling. KOM1. Ability to communicate, including oral and written communication in Ukrainian and foreign languages (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish); KOM2. The ability to use a variety of methods, including modern information technologies, for effective communication at the professional and social levels. AiV1. Ability to adapt to new situations and make appropriate decisions. AiV2. The ability to realize the need for lifelong learning in order to deepen the acquired new professional knowledge. AiV3. The ability to take responsibility for the work performed, to make decisions independently, to achieve the set goal in compliance with the requirements of professional ethics. AiV4. The ability to popularize national and world cultural heritage, as well as to promote manifestations of patriotism, national self-awareness and ethno-cultural self-identification. AiV5. The ability to form environmental consciousness and personal culture, to apply ecological principles in life and professional activity.
Required prior and related subjects: Co-requisites: Fonts Applied perspective Basics of composition and shaping Drawing
Summary of the subject: Techniques of performing and reading drawings. Rules of the preparation of design documentation. Geometric constructions in drawings. Projection drawing. Drawing in the rectangular projection system. Visual images of objects. Construction drawings and applicable requirements. Graphic means of the forming of compositions. Types of linear graphic objects and the peculiarities of their combination. Spot as a mean of forming a composition. Types and techniques of colour (hue) graphics. Graphic imitation of textures and finishes. Means of the composition of graphic objects. Colour as a graphic mean of forming a composition. Materials and polychrome techniques in designs.
Assessment methods and criteria: Formative assessment (70%): oral quizzes, current check of classroom graphic tasks Summative assessment (30%): sketch-book of graphic works
Recommended books: 1. A.M. Haskin. Drawing - K.: Higher School, 1986. - 447 p. 2. Course of graphic geometry, engineering and architectural and construction drawing with the basics of computer graphics: : Teaching method. manual / O.O. Boyko, B.V. Pankevich, I.H. Svidrak, O.P. Kalinovska. - Lviv: National Publications Office. Lviv Polytechnic University, 2010. - 355 p. 3. O.L. Golubeva Basics of composition. - Moscow: Art, 2004. - 120 p. 4. D.I. Tkach, N.L. Russkevich, P.R. Nirynberg, M.N. Weaver. Architectural drawing. - K.: Budivelnyk, 1991. - 271 p. 5. K.V. Kudryashov Architectural graphics. - M.: Stroyizdat, 1990. - 306.