Fundamentals of Ergonomics of Interior Design

Major: Environment Design
Code of subject: 6.022.03.E.99
Credits: 3.00
Department: Design and Architecture Fundamentals
Lecturer: Diba Yu.R., Doctor of Architecture, Prof. Lvovskyv Ch.Z. senior lecturer
Semester: 7 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the discipline, the student must be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: 1. Scientific bases of ergodesign, as synthesis of knowledge about the person, tools and conditions of work and rest; 2. The main trends and ways of development of ergonomics; 3. Basic human anthropometric data, psychophysiological features in the process of work and rest; 4. The main requirements of ergonomics in the design of the subject and the environment.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous disciplines Basics of composition and shaping Fundamentals of ergonomics Related and subsequent disciplines Landscape design Typological bases of interior design Fundamentals of complex design of subject-spatial environment
Summary of the subject: The course "Fundamentals of Ergonomics of Design" is one of those conducted for students of the basic direction "Design". The course aims to acquaint future designers with the basics of science and the application of this knowledge in the design of subject-spatial environments for various purposes, creating safe, comfortable and productive working and leisure conditions.
Assessment methods and criteria: During the semester, a student can score up to 50 points (10 points - current control, 40 - for coursework, control work). On the exam - a maximum of 50 points. To be admitted to the exam, a student must score at least 25 points based on the results of the current control.
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