History of Art, Architecture and Design, Part 2

Major: Environment Design
Code of subject: 6.022.03.O.8
Credits: 5.50
Department: Design and Architecture Fundamentals
Lecturer: Docent, Ph.D. Kramarchuk Kh.P. Docent, Ph.D. Bilinska O.B.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Program learning outcomes: PRN7. Analyze, stylize, interpret and transform objects to develop artistic and design solutions PRN13. To know the assets of the national and world cultural and artistic heritage, to develop eco-culture using design PRN14. To use manifestations of Ukrainian mentality, historical memory, national self-identification, and creative self-expression in professional activities; apply historical creative experience, as well as successful Ukrainian and foreign artistic practices. PRN15. To understand Ukrainian ethno-cultural traditions in the stylistic solutions of design objects, to take into account the regional peculiarities of ethno-design in artistic practices. PRN18. Display morphological, stylistic, and color-textural properties of design objects. Communication (KOM) KOM1. Ability to communicate, including oral and written communication in Ukrainian and foreign languages (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish); КOM.2 The ability to use various methods, including modern information technologies, for effective communication at the professional and social levels. Autonomy and responsibility (AіВ) AіВ1. Ability to adapt to new situations and make appropriate decisions. AіВ2. The ability to realize the need for lifelong learning in order to deepen the acquired new professional knowledge. AіВ3. The ability to take responsibility for the work performed, to make decisions independently, to achieve the set goal in compliance with the requirements of professional ethics. AіВ4. The ability to popularize national and world cultural heritage, as well as to promote manifestations of patriotism, national self-awareness and ethno-cultural self-identification. AіВ5. The ability to form environmental consciousness and personal culture, to apply ecological principles in life and professional activity.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous courses: History of art, architecture and design, Part 1 Composition and shaping in the design, Part 1 Basics of design and computer graphics, Part 1 Drawing, painting, sculpture, Part 1 Related and the following courses: Basics of design and computer graphics, Part 2 Drawing, painting, sculpture, Part 2 History of art, architecture and design, Part 3, Part 4 Psychology of design Decorative and applied arts
Summary of the subject: The course "History of Art, Architecture and Design" is one of the basic in the training of specialists in the specialty "Design". This course aims to provide students with a basic knowledge of the theory of visual arts, starting from the general hierarchy of types and genres, including analytical consideration of tectonic and compositional structures of three-dimensional works, as well as decorative and pictorial composition. The discipline covers historical stages of the genesis of primitive art and its development in the following epochs of the Ancient World, of the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance. A lot of attention is paid to the factors of worldview that affect the development of certain forms and images. The lecture course includes the most important monuments of world architecture, fine and decorative arts, and sculpture. Teaching about the history of Ukrainian architecture and art is simultaneously combined with with the coverage of historical and artistic processes of the world art culture.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (50%): practical work, individual graphic task. Final control 560%): test (written) component of the exam. During the semester, a student can score up to 50 points for current control. The maximum score for the exam is 50 points. To be admitted to the exam, a student must score at least 20 points for the current test. When evaluating tasks, the completeness of the composition of the completed task, and compliance with the assigned tasks are taken into account: - the ability to identify and work with visual materials according to the themes of primitive and medieval art; - the ability to analyze the defining and stylistic characteristics of works and methods of their compositional construction when sketching details, ornaments, and interior and exterior elements; - to show creativity and a creative approach in the technique of submission, layout on a sheet - to present the materials of graphic tasks on time and in the necessary amount.
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