Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Part 5

Major: Environment Design
Code of subject: 6.022.03.O.059
Credits: 8.00
Department: Design and Architecture Fundamentals
Lecturer: Milchevych Serhiy Ivanovych, candidate of art studies (Ph. D), Assistant Professor Chelombit’ko Olha Ivanivna, Senior Lecturer Kuzyk Igor Mykolayovych, assistant Kuziv Kateryna Vasylivna, assistant
Semester: 5 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: PRN1. Apply the acquired knowledge and understanding of the subject area and sphere of professional activity in practical situations. PRN7. Analyze, stylize, interpret and transform objects to develop artistic and design solutions. PRN11. Develop a composite solution of design objects in the appropriate techniques and materials. PRN13. To know the assets of the national and world cultural and artistic heritage, to develop eco-culture by means of design. PRN14. To use manifestations of the Ukrainian, historical mentality in professional activities memory, national self-identification and creative self-expression; apply historical creative experience, as well as successful Ukrainian and foreign artistic practices. PRN18. Display the morphological, stylistic and color-textural properties of design objects. COM1. Ability to communicate, including oral and written communication in Ukrainian and foreign languages ??(English, German, Italian, French, Spanish). COM2. The ability to use various methods, including modern information technologies, for effective communication at the professional and social levels.AiB1. Ability to adapt to new situations and make appropriate decisions. AiB2. The ability to realize the need for lifelong learning in order to deepen the acquired new professional knowledge. AiB3. The ability to take responsibility for the work performed, to make decisions independently, to achieve the set goal in compliance with the requirements of professional ethics. AiB4. The ability to popularize national and world cultural heritage, as well as to promote manifestations of patriotism, national self-awareness and ethno-cultural self-identification. AiB5. The ability to form environmental awareness and personal culture, Apply ecological principles in life and professional activity.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites and co-requisites: Prerequisites: Bases of composition and form creation, Drawing, part 1-4; Painting, part 1-4, Bases of modeling and sculpture. Сo-requisites: Drawing, part 5
Summary of the subject: 1. Linear - a constructive drawing of a plaster cast of a head with a shoulder girdle or a drawing of a male head with a shoulder girdle (nature). Revealed a characteristic similarity. 2. Male portrait in direct lighting (monochromy). 3. Drawing of a human hand. 4. Female portrait with a bust in direct lighting with hands (polychromy). 5. Drawing of an anatomical human torso. 6. Sculpture. Adhesive decorative socket. Curl. 7. Sculpture. Bas-relief. Still life with geometric and household objects and drapery. 8. Sculpture. Bas-relief. A copy of a plaster cast of an antique head.
Assessment methods and criteria: A maximal total estimation for audience and independent (home) tasks presents 100 points.
Recommended books: 1. Deineka A.A. Learn to draw - Moscow, 1961. 2. Radlov N.E. Drawing from nature - L. 1978. 3. Shpak V.O. Basics of painting. Watercolor. Tutorial. - 2013 4. Revyakin P.P. Technique of watercolor painting. – Rypol Classic, 1959 5. Mogilevtsev V.A. Basics of painting. - April 4, 2012 6. Johannes Itten. The art of color. - D. Aronov, 2004 7. Zherdzytsky V.E. Painting. Technique and technology. - Kharkiv 2006.