History of Art and Architecture, Part 2

Major: Fine Arts, Decorative Art, Restoration
Code of subject: 6.023.00.O.16
Credits: 3.00
Department: Design and Architecture Fundamentals
Lecturer: Kramarchuk H.P.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Know the terminology of the history of art and architecture and the main historical stages of the development of world art and architecture and their worldview characteristics; Identify the most important monuments of art and architecture and remember their attribution; Apply relevant theoretical knowledge for the analysis of historical monuments, works of design and design projects; Be able to identify archetypal structures, recurring themes in works of art; Be able to distinguish the main styles; Use acquired theoretical knowledge in the design or restoration of individual products and object complexes.
Required prior and related subjects: History of art and architecture, part 1, History of art and architecture, part 3.
Summary of the subject: The course "History of art and architecture, part 2" is one of the basic ones in the training of specialists in specialty 023 "Fine art, decorative art, restoration". This course aims to provide students with basic knowledge of the theory of visual art, starting with the general hierarchy of types and genres, including an analytical consideration of the tectonic structures of volumetric-spatial works, as well as decorative and pictorial-plastic composition. In the process of studying the discipline, the historical stages of the genesis of primitive art, its development in the following epochs of the Ancient World and the Middle Ages, up to Modern times are highlighted. The lecture course includes the most important landmarks of world architecture, fine and decorative arts, and sculpture.
Assessment methods and criteria: The maximum total score for practical and independent tasks is 100 points.
Recommended books: 1. Krvavych D.P., Ovsiychuk V.A., Cherepanova S.O. Ukrainian art in 3 volumes. - Lviv, 2003-2008. 2. Timofienko V. Architecture and monumental art (terms and concepts) K. 2002. 3. Timofienko VI. Essays on the world history of architecture: In 4 volumes / Volodymyr Ivanovich Timofienko; Under the editorship V. Yezhov.– K.: KNUBA, 2000. 4. D. Stepovyk. History of Ukrainian icons of the X-XX centuries.- K., 1996. 5. Figol M. Art of Ancient Halych. - K., 1997. 6. History of Ukrainian architecture / V.I. Timofienko, Yu.S. Aseev, V.V. Becherskyi et al. / edited by V.I. Timofienka - K.: Technika, 2003. - 472 p.