Polychromy Techniques in Stone Artworks

Major: Fine Arts, Decorative Art, Restoration
Code of subject: 6.023.00.O.22
Credits: 3.00
Department: Design and Architecture Fundamentals
Lecturer: Kazantseva T.E.
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Learning outcomes: to know the theoretical foundations of the discipline "Techniques of polychromy in stone works of art"; learn the main stylistic features of various types of polychromy; to acquire practical skills in the study of polychromy in sculpture and architecture; apply acquired knowledge and skills in the field of restoration of works of art from stone and in solving creative tasks.
Required prior and related subjects: Color Studies, Restoration Project, Part 1.
Summary of the subject: The discipline "Techniques of polychromy in stone works of art" is based on the study of techniques and technologies of polychromy and methods of its research. The discipline is studied by the method of sequential teaching of the material in the form of thematic blocks, which are revealed during practical work on the assigned tasks.
Assessment methods and criteria: The maximum total score for practical and independent tasks is 100 points.
Recommended books: Architecture of Lviv: Time and styles. XIII-XXI centuries / M. Bevz, Yu. Biryulyov, Yu. Bohdanova, V. Didyk, U. Ivanochko, T. Klymeniuk and others. — Lviv: Center of Europe, 2008. — 720 p. Yu. Biryulyov, Lviv sculpture. - Lviv: Apriori, 2015. - 528 p. Biryulyov Y. Art of the Lviv Secession. - Lviv, 2005. - 59 p. L.V. Prybieha Methods of protection and restoration of monuments of folk architecture of Ukraine. - Kyiv, 1997. - 143 p. Ilko Lemko, Mykhalyk V., Beglyarov H. Martovycha str. // 1243 Lviv Street (1939-2009). — Lviv: Apriori, 2009. Lyubchenko V. Lviv sculpture of the XVI-XVII centuries. - K.: Science. Dumka, 1981. - 214 p. Melnyk I. Halytskyi suburb and south-eastern suburbs of the Royal Capital City of Lviv. – Lviv: "Apriori"