Architectural and Construction Materials Science

Major: Fine Arts, Decorative Art, Restoration
Code of subject: 6.023.00.O.63
Credits: 3.00
Lecturer: PhD, Associate Professor Nikolay Brodsky,
Semester: 5 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Learning outcomes: as a result of studying the module the student should: • know the terminology and properties, ways of application materials, products and structures under the requirements of the form to ensure the realization of individual creative intent of the design. • know direction, know the methods, materials and technologies to create comfortable environment, including taking into account the savings of energy and material resources. • understand and own the relationship and the ability to carry out synthesis of information on a function object and form, materials, products and designs. • to know basics of international best practices aimed at the synthesis of new materials under appropriate design features. • know the protection of goods and materials from the aggressive environment. • know the basics of the technology of production of materials. • know the prospects of development of modern materials, environmental aspects of their production and use.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisite: special chemistry, chromatics. • Corequisite: restoration of works of art.
Summary of the subject: Design and construction materials: classification and requirements. Properties of design materials. Natural, architectural and building materials and stone products. Materials and products from wood. Ceramic materials and products. Architectural building materials and wares from mineral melts. Materials and articles of metals. Artificial architectural materials and products based on mineral cohesive substances. Reinforced concrete structures and products. Materials and products based on polymers and other macromolecular organic substances. Materials for exterior finishing of buildings and structures. Materials and products for interior decoration of houses. Materials for the device of false ceilings and floors. Coating for roofs, waterproofing materials and products. Materials for landscape architecture. Building materials for the construction of roads, squares, intricate, perimeter fencing etc. the Materials and technologist of decorative art. Devices and products for systems of water supply and sanitation. Materials and devices for heating and cooling homes. Devices and systems of artificial lighting. Automatic device control home security and fire alarm systems. Materials and products for saving energy resources in architectural practice. The materials of the future and nanotechnology.
Assessment methods and criteria: • Current control (laboratory work) – 40 points • Final control (test) – 60 points.
Recommended books: 1. Акунова Л.Ф., Крапинин В.А. Технология производства и декорирование художественных керамических изделий. М., Высшая школа. 1984. 2. Ланцетти А.Г. и др. Изготовление художественного стекла. М., Высшая школа. 1987. 3. Сысоева Н.И. Декоративные ткани в интерьере. М., Легкая промышленность. 1966. 4. Бзкаев З.И. и др. Конструктирование архитектурно-художественных изделий из метала. М. Гос. издательство по архитектуре и градостроительству., 1950 5. Иванова Л.А. и др. Развитие художественного и ювелирного литья. Одесса., 2003. 6. Двойникова Е.С. Художественные работы по дереву. М., Высшая школа. 1972 7. Баранов П.И. и др. История применения драгоценных и поделочных камней. Днепропетровск., 2002