Fundamentals of Sculpture, Part 6 (курсова робота)

Major: Fine Arts, Decorative Art, Restoration
Code of subject: 6.023.00.O.72
Credits: 2.00
Department: Design and Architecture Fundamentals
Lecturer: Sentymrei Y. G.
Semester: 6 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: The ability to possess a culture of thinking, generalization, analysis, perception of information, setting a goal and choosing ways to achieve it in a practical situation; Ability to take into account the main aesthetic categories, laws of artistic composition, ethnic, socio-cultural, economic, technological, natural and ecological principles of restoration of works of art; Knowledge of historical-stylistic, architectural, artistic and plastic-artistic foundations of restoration of works of art; Ability to master historical techniques and technologies of processing materials of works of art; To be able to perform project documentation for the restoration of works of art
Required prior and related subjects: Basics of Sculpture, Part 8, Basics of Sculpture, Part 8, Drawing, Part 6.
Summary of the subject: The discipline "Fundamentals of sculpture, part 6" is based on the study of the technique and technology of modeling architectural decorative details, solving problems related to modeling, selecting tools and techniques for bas-relief copying, developing a modeling algorithm, etc. Study of the anatomical structure of the human face and body as a whole. The study of the discipline takes place by the method of sequential teaching of the material in the form of thematic blocks, which are revealed during practical work on the assigned task.
Assessment methods and criteria: The maximum total score for practical and independent tasks is 100 points.
Recommended books: Yu. Biryulyov, Lviv sculpture. - Lviv: Apriori, 2015. - 528 p. Yu. O. Biryulyov, 2008. Architecture of Lviv. Time and styles. XIII - XXI centuries. Lviv: Center of Europe. Kyrychenko M.A. Kirichenko I.M. Basics of visual literacy. - K., "Higher School", 2002. Lyubchenko V. A., 1981. Lviv sculpture of the XVI — XVII centuries. Kyiv: Scientific opinion. Melnyk B. Streets of ancient Lviv. - Lviv: Svit, 2006. – 132 p. I. V. Melnyk, 2008. Lviv streets and tenements, walls, nooks and crannies, suburbs and other features of the royal capital city of Galicia. Lviv: Center of Europe.