Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 6.072.00.O.046
Credits: 10.50
Lecturer: PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Danylkiv Khrystyna Petrovna and PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Sadura Oksana Borysivna
Semester: 8 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - Know and understand the theoretical foundations and principles of financial science, especially the functioning of financial systems. - Know the mechanism of functioning of public finances, including budget and tax systems, business entities' finances, household finances, financial markets, banking, and insurance. - Understand the principles, methods and instruments of government and market regulation in financial, banking and insurance activities. - Apply specialized information systems, advanced financial technologies and software. - Formulate and analyze financial statements and correctly interpret the information received. - Identify sources and understand the methodology for determining and methods of obtaining economic data, collect and analyze the necessary financial information, calculate indicators that characterize the state of financial systems. - Have a methodological toolkit for exercising control functions in the fields of finance, banking and insurance. - Use professional argumentation to convey information, ideas, problems, and solutions to professionals and non-professionals in the financial field. - Able to think abstractly, apply analysis and synthesis to identify key characteristics of financial systems, as well as the behavior of their subjects. - Apply theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems and interpret the results in a meaningful way. - Demonstrate basic creative and critical thinking skills in research and professional communication. - To show skills of independent work, flexible thinking, openness to new knowledge. - Perform functional responsibilities in the group, offer sound financial decisions. - Understand the requirements for the specialty activity, due to the need to ensure the sustainable development of Ukraine, its strengthening as a democratic, social, rule of law. - To know their rights and responsibilities as a member of society, to understand the values ??of a free democratic society, the rule of law, the rights and freedoms of man and citizen in Ukraine. - Identify achievements and identify the values ??of society on the basis of understanding of the subject area in the general system of knowledge, use different types and forms of physical activity to lead a healthy lifestyle. - Ability to apply the methods of financing the operational and investment activities of economic entities. - Ability to keep records of operations at enterprises, in financial and credit institutions, preparation of financial and tax reports. - Ability to conduct operations in the financial market. - Knowledge of computer skills, ability to use professional data processing software.
Required prior and related subjects: Prospectus: "Financial Analysis", "Financial Activity of Business Entities", "Insurance services", "Banking System". Correctional Practice: Practicum on the topic of diploma and master's qualification work.
Summary of the subject: The passing of the industrial practice involves the formation of professional skills in the conditions of production activity on the basis of the use of the student's theoretical knowledge in the various situations inherent in the future profession. During the practice student-practitioner leads the "Diary of Manufacturing Practice", which records the date and the short content of the work performed. These data are confirmed daily by the signature of the supervisor from the enterprise (organization, institution). A filled-in and certified seal from the workplace will be accompanied by a diary, along with a schedule for passing the practice, and a reference from the head of the enterprise to the report on the passing of the industrial practice. As a result of passing the practice, a student-trainee prepares a Report on the passing of the industrial practice, which includes: data on the company (history of creation and development, organizational and legal form, type of activity, organizational structure, etc.), a list of legal acts, which regulate the activity of the enterprise (organization, institution), description of the features of financial work on the investigated object, analysis of the structure and functions of the financial service of the enterprise (organization, institution), analysis of data of the main forms inansovoyi reporting research object (balance sheet, income statement, estimate), and the report describes the student and performing individual tasks according to the version issued by Head of Department.
Assessment methods and criteria: control over the correctness of the filling and registration of the Diary of the Production Practice; control over the compliance of the "Report on the passing of the industrial practice" with the requirements set for its writing and design.
Recommended books: 1. Regulations on the organization of internships for students of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic". Standard of higher education SVO LP 02.04., Order 26-1-10 of January 22, 2019. 2. O.V. Kozyrieva, N.V. Hliebova. Foreign economic activity enterprises: a textbook. Kharkiv: NUPh. 2020. 172 p. 3. O.B. Kurylo, L.P. Bondarenko, O.I. Vivchar, O.M. Chubka. Finances enterprises: a textbook. K.: Condor Publishing House. 2020. 340 p. 4. Law of Ukraine "On labor protection" № 2694-XII of 14.10.1992 / Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine URL: 5. On higher education: Law of Ukraine of 01.07.2014 № 1556-VII. Date of update: 12/18/2019. URL: