Securities Market

Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 6.072.11.E.066
Credits: 6.00
Lecturer: PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Danylkiv Khrystyna Petrivna
Semester: 8 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - Know and understand the economic categories, laws, cause and effect relationships that exist between processes and phenomena at different levels of economic systems. - Know and understand the theoretical foundations and principles of financial science, especially the functioning of financial systems. - To determine the peculiarities of the functioning of modern world and national financial systems and their structure. - Know the mechanism of functioning of public finances, including budget and tax systems, business entities' finances, household finances, financial markets, banking, and insurance. - Have a methodological toolkit for diagnostics of the state of financial systems (public finances, including budget and tax systems, finances of economic entities, finances of households, financial markets, banking system and insurance). - Apply appropriate economic and mathematical methods and models to solve financial problems. - Understand the principles, methods and instruments of government and market regulation in financial, banking and insurance activities. - Apply specialized information systems, advanced financial technologies and software. - Formulate and analyze financial statements and correctly interpret the information received. - Have a methodological toolkit for exercising control functions in the fields of finance, banking and insurance. - Able to think abstractly, apply analysis and synthesis to identify key characteristics of financial systems, as well as the behavior of their subjects. - Apply theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems and interpret the results in a meaningful way. - Ability to apply the methods of financing the operational and investment activities of economic entities. - Ability to keep records of operations at enterprises, in financial and credit institutions, preparation of financial and tax reports. - Knowledge of computer skills, ability to use professional data processing software. - Ability to use professional knowledge for statistical data processing and mathematical modeling of financial and economic processes.
Required prior and related subjects: Рrerequisites: Finances, Money and Credit, Insurance Services; Сo-requisites: Financial Management, Insurance Management, Financial Market.
Summary of the subject: 1. The concept of the global financial services market and its constituent elements. 2. Classification characteristics of the division of participants in the world financial services market and the mechanism of debt securitization. 3. Trends in the development of the world financial services market. 4. Currency exchange markets as an integral part of the financial services market. 5. Forward contracts. General characteristics of the conclusion of financial futures contracts. Assessment of the cost of SWOT. 6. Characteristics of the option market in the financial services market. 7. Optional strategies. General characteristics of warrant, cap, flo and collar as derivative instruments in the financial services market. 8. Concept of hedging and hedging techniques by futures contracts. 9. Activities of the insurance company in the financial services market. The problem of maximizing the profit of financial market entities. 10. International trade as an integral part of the functioning of the financial services market.
Assessment methods and criteria: Сurrent control (20 points) Сontrol measure (80 points)
Recommended books: 1. Хома І. Б. Ринок фінансових послуг: Навч. посібник / І. Б. Хома, І. В. Алєксєєв, Л. С. Тревого, Н. І. Андрушко // 2-ге видання перероб. – Львів : Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2012. – 248 с. 2. Кириченко О. А. Ринок фінансових послуг: Підручник / О. А. Кириченко, М. П. Денисенко, А. В. Чупіс // 2-ге видання перероб. і допов. – К. : Дорадо-Друк, 2010. – 352 с. 3. Науменкова С. В. Ринок фінансових послуг: Навч. посібник / С. В. Науменкова, В. І. Міщенко. – К.: Знання, 2010. – 532 с. 4. Науменкова С.В. Система регулювання ринків фінансових послуг зарубіжних країн: Навч. посібник / С. В. Науменкова, В. І. Міщенко. – К. : ЦНД НБУ, УБС НБУ. - 2010. - 170 с.