Evaluation of State Financial of Subjects of Business (курсова робота)

Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 6.072.10.E.057
Credits: 3.00
Lecturer: PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer Danylkiv Khrystyna Petrivna
Semester: 8 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - Know and understand the economic categories, laws, cause and effect relationships that exist between processes and phenomena at different levels of economic systems. - Know the mechanism of functioning of public finances, including budget and tax systems, business entities' finances, household finances, financial markets, banking, and insurance. - Have a methodological toolkit for diagnostics of the state of financial systems (public finances, including budget and tax systems, finances of economic entities, finances of households, financial markets, banking system and insurance). - Apply appropriate economic and mathematical methods and models to solve financial problems. - Understand the principles, methods and instruments of government and market regulation in financial, banking and insurance activities. - Apply specialized information systems, advanced financial technologies and software. - Formulate and analyze financial statements and correctly interpret the information received. - Identify sources and understand the methodology for determining and methods of obtaining economic data, collect and analyze the necessary financial information, calculate indicators that characterize the state of financial systems. - Have a methodological toolkit for exercising control functions in the fields of finance, banking and insurance.
Required prior and related subjects: "Finances" "Business Finance" "Financial Analysis"
Summary of the subject: Execution of course work allows the student to learn to independently work with reference literature, statistical data and other information sources; to study deeper the features of the functioning of the enterprise and its individual units; to acquire skills of analysis of open financial information about the enterprise, carrying out of a critical analysis, formulation of conclusions.
Assessment methods and criteria: 100 балів
Recommended books: 1. Гушко С. В. Фінансовий аналіз: навч. посіб. [Текст] / С. В. Гушко, А.В. Шайкан, Н.П. Шайкан, О.А.Гушко. - Вид. 2-е, перероб. і допов. - Кривий Ріг: Чернявський Д. О., 2011. - 174 с. 2. Хома І.Б., Андрушко Н.І., Слюсарчик К.М. Фінансовий аналіз: Навч. посібник. – 2-ге вид. - Львів: Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2012. – 344 с. 3. Базілінська О. Я. Фінансовий аналіз: теорія та практика: Навчальний посібник для студентів ВУЗів / О. Я. Базілінська. – К.: ЦУЛ, 2009. – 328 с. 4. Баканів М.І. Фінансовий аналіз: навч. посіб. [Текст] / М.І. Баканів. - К.: Кондор, 2009 . - 296 с.