Technology Products of Organic Synthesis

Major: Chemical Technologies of Organic Substances
Code of subject: 7.161.02.O.007
Credits: 5.00
Department: Organic Products Technology
Lecturer: Reutskyy Viktor V.
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. Basic facts, concepts, principles and theories relating to chemistry, principles and mechanisms of chemical transformations substances. 2. Theoretical basis of production technologies chemicals, materials and products based on them. 3. Methods of chemical, physical and chemical analysis of raw materials, chemicals and products based on them. 4. Modern technologies of chemical production. 5. structures and principles of modern equipment and equipment for chemical production. 6. The structure and operation of chemical plants. 7. The methodologies for the design and modernization of the chemical industry, in accordance with the regulations applicable standards and specifications. 8. modern achievements of innovative technologies in the industry.
Required prior and related subjects: Processes and equipment of chemical technology General chemical technology Theory of Chemical Processes of Organic Synthesis Chemistry and technology of organic substances Designing organic synthesis Equipment manufactures chemicals Research Methodology Project management of chemical-technological systems calculation of reactor The study of chemical reactions and processes Catalysis in organic synthesis Development processes chemicals
Summary of the subject: General characteristics of "Rivneazot". Scientific basis hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexane. The mechanism, catalysts, process conditions. The types of reactors for the oxidation of cyclohexane. Chart 4 sectional reactor. Liquid phase oxidation of cyclohexane. Catalysts, process conditions, ways of regulating selectivity. Methods of adipic acid. Oxidation of cyclohexanol with nitric acid. Isolation and purification of the mixture of low dicarboxylic acids. General characteristics Kalush petrochemical hub. Pyrolysis of hydrocarbons Scientific basis hidrodealkilyuvannya aromatic compounds. Getting benzene to install "Pirotol." The preparation of vinyl chloride. Overview of JSC "Azot", Cherkassy. Characteristic differences between "Rivneazot" and JSC "Cherkasyazot." Methods Regulation selectivity oxidation of cyclohexane focused on obtaining cyclohexanone. Overview of JSC "Severodonetsk Azot". Comparative characteristics of "Severodonetsk Azot" with "Rivneazot" and "Cherkasyazot" Methods of obtaining caprolactam. Methods of obtaining adypodynitrylu The preparation of adipic acid. Methods of obtaining metyltretbutylovoho ether Methods for the production of acetic acid
Assessment methods and criteria: Semester control - exam - 60 point. Current control - written control (report on laboratory work), written Express control. - 40 point.
Recommended books: 1. Лебедев Н.Н. Химия и технология основного органического и нефтехимичеокого синтеза, М.,Химия, 1988. 2. Одабашян Г.В. Лабораторныгй практикум по химии и технологии ос¬новного органического и нефтехимического синтеза, М., Химия, 1982. 3. В.С.Тімофеєв, Л.А.Серафімов. Принципи технології основного орга¬нічного та нафтохімічного синтезу, М., Хімія, 1992. 4. І.І.Юкельсон. Технологія основного органічного синтезу. Державне видавництво технічної літератури , Київ, 1960. 5. Реутський В.В., Іващук О.С., Івасів В.В. Технологічні схеми промисловості органічного синтезу. Електронний навчальний посібник з «Технологія продуктів органічного синтезу» для студентів спеціальності 8.05130102 «Хімічні технології органічних речовин». – ВНС ЛП ( – Зареєстровано НМУ НУ «Львівська політехніка» (№ Е41-216-6/2012 від 14.02.2012 р.) – 170 с. 6.K .Weissermel, H.-J. Arpe. Industrial Organic Chemistry, VHC, 1997