Foreign Language

Major: Chemical Technologies of Organic Substances
Code of subject: 7.161.02.M.022
Credits: 3.00
Department: Foreign Languages
Lecturer: Tsubova O.L.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: By the end of the study learners are expected to be able to communicate in a foreign language in the familiar academic and general professional environment in order to: •discuss general academic and specialization-related issues to reach agreement; •make public presentations on a number of general issues in the political, economic and cultural spheres using appropriate linguistic and non-linguistic means of communication; •extract new text, graphic, audio and video information on the topics related to the academic and professional activities, using appropriate search methods; •analyze information from foreign sources to obtain data necessary for academic and professional goals;
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: The level of knowledge B1 + Corequisites: Foreign language for specific purposes
Summary of the subject: The arts, fame, identity. Learning. Language and communication. Living abroad. Cultural diversity. Political and economic systems. Social roles. International issues. Globalization.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control: listening, monologic and dialogic speech, reading, writing. -60 Control test.- 40 Final control: differentiated test/credit.- 100
Recommended books: 1. “Загальноєвропейські Рекомендації з мовної освіти: вивчення, викладання, оцінювання”. Резолюція Ради Європейського союзу 2011 р. 2. Badger I. English for work. Everyday Business English (with Audio CD) / Ian Badger. – Longman, 2003. – 90 p. 3. M.Swan. Practical English Usage. Oxford, 1995. 4. M.Swan, C.Walter. How English works. A Grammar Practice Book. 5. J. and L. Soars. Headway. Intermediate. Student’s book, Oxford, 1991. 6. J. and L. Soars. Headway. Intermediate. Work book, Oxford, 1991. 7. N. Brieger, J. Comfort. Language Reference for Business English. Prentice Hall International, London. 1992. 8. S. Baxter, John Murphy. Pearson Test of English General. Skills Boosters, Level 5. Pearson Education Limited, 2011.