Modern technology of fossil fuels processing

Major: Chemical Technologies of Fuel and Carbon Materials
Code of subject: 7.161.05.O.006
Credits: 10.00
Department: Chemical Technology of Oil and Gas Processing
Lecturer: Prof. Oleh Hrynyshyn
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: know physical and chemical characteristics, process parameters and technology features of contemporary processes of processing of fossil fuels; to have a view on the impact of technological processes of processing of fossil fuels on the environment and ways to reduce this effect; be able to make scientifically-based current scheme of processing of fossil fuels were studied with the use of modern technological processes and select the optimal technology processes depending on the characteristics of the raw material and the target product.
Required prior and related subjects: - Technology of processing of oil and gas, - Chemical technology of solid fuels, - Processes and equipment of oil refineries.
Summary of the subject: Classification and General characteristics of fuels. The direction of oil refining. Methods of increasing the depth of oil refining. Secondary processes of oil refining. Modern thermal, thermocatalytic and garagenseite or processes of oil refining. Processes for improving the octane number of gasoline. The deasphalting processes in the production of fuels. Ecological aspects of activity of the enterprises for processing of oil and gas. Methods of reducing the impact on the environment and the prevention of losses of petroleum products. General information on coal. Coking, as the basic process of coal processing.
Assessment methods and criteria: - written reports on laboratory work, oral questioning (30%); - final test (70 %, control event, offset): written-oral form (70%)
Recommended books: 1. Братичак М.М., Гринишин О.Б. Технологія нафти та газу. – Львів: Вид-во НУ «ЛП», 2013.– 180 с. 2. Братичак М.М., Пиш’єв С.В., Рудкевич М.І. Хімія та технологія переробки вугілля. – Львів: В-цтво “Бескид Біт”, 2006. – 272 с. 3. Мачинський О.Я., Топільницький П.І. Гідрокрекінг.– Львів: Вид-во НУ «ЛП», 2011.– 348 с. 4. Топільницький П.І., Гринишин О.Б., Мачинський О.Я. Технологія первинної переробки нафти і газу.– Львів: Вид-во НУ «ЛП», 2014.– 468 с.