Modern Technological Processes of Polymer and Composite Materials Processing (part 1)

Major: Chemical Technologies of Polymeric and Composite Materials Processing
Code of subject: 7.161.06.O.007
Credits: 6.00
Department: Chemical Technology of Plastics Processing
Lecturer: Prof. Oleh Suberlyak
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - A thorough knowledge of all modern technical process of manufacturing a wide range of products from polymeric and composite materials; - Develop the skills of working out technical process for the manufacture of concrete products, calculate tehparametriv, justification of stages and type of equipment; - To master the impact of process parameters on product quality and productivity of the manufacturing process; - Be able to respond quickly to abnormal deviations in process technology and recommend activities all of their removal; - To develop recommendations for the use of process waste and waste creation process lines; - Have safety issues and safety and to develop a set of specific production activities all over.
Required prior and related subjects: - Physico-chemistry and properties of polymers; - Theoretical fundamentals of polymer processing; - Polymeric Materials; - Equipment and Foundations of industries; - Design products and equipment.
Summary of the subject: 1. Classification of modern technological processing of polymeric and composite materials. The process and tools to implement, technologist duties at work. The preparatory stage in the processing technology - grinding, sifting, averaging parties, drying and humidification, mixing and dispersion. Physical and chemical laws of plastic processing technology, the technological properties of raw materials, thermoplastics and thermosetting flow - impact on the process technology and the properties of the final product. 2. Processes processing plastic injection molding. Diversity method description and features holodnokanalnoho, haryachekanalnoho, tunnel thermoplastic molding, sandwich molding, preslyttya (two-stage molding), intrusion method, multi-casting, with gas and liquid. Description of the process manufacturing of thermoplastic injection molding (preparatory, stage and final stage of formation) calculation and justification options molding, casting timeline for pressure and temperature; Marriage and types of activities all on their removal. Specific differences injection molding thermosetting, the main stage of the process and process parameters. The processes of recycling and waste processing technology of thermoplastics and thermosetting. 3. Extrusion processes. General characteristics of extruders and extrusion, the relationship extruder zones (load, compression melting, dispensing), the definition of performance extrusion settings depending on the pressure drop in the extruder and the extrusion head. The processes of manufacturing of plastic film extrusion blow sleeve ploskoschilynnoyu extrusion - especially technology, process parameters and recommendations to management and the impact on product quality and performance process. Abnormal deviation and activities all on their removal. The process of duplication; technology and targeting options film. Manufacturing technology of sheet extrusion, forming polymer pipes and cables - description of stages, justify the parameters of activities all control. Waste-free production lines. Swath formation and methods of letters, special technical process of rolling and calendering combined process technology for the manufacture of caliber PVC films. The processes of manufacturing hollow closed volume of products - from extrusion blowing in shape, injection blowing, a rotation.
Assessment methods and criteria: - Oral questioning, independent written work (40%); - Final control (control measure - examination): written, oral form (60%)
Recommended books: 1. О.В.Суберляк, П.І.Баштанник. Технологія переробки полімерних та композиційних матеріалів (видання ІІ доповнене) -2015, "Растр" -454с. 2. Бортников В.Г. Основы технологии переработки пластических масс: Учебное пособие для вузов. –Л.Химия, 1983, -304с. 3. Лапшин В.В. Основы переработки термопластов литьем под давлением –М.: Химия, -1974, -271с. 4. Гуль В.Е., Акутин М.С. Основы переработки пластмасс. –М.: Химия, 1985, -400с. 5. Sikora R/ Pretworstwo tworyw welkoczastecrkowych: Warszawa, 1993? -528 c. 6. Пахаренко В.А., Яковлева Р.А., Пахаренко А.В. Переработка полимерных композиционних материалов –Киев: Воля, 2006, -552 с.