Technology of Varnish Paint Materials and Film Coating

Major: Chemical Technologies of Polymeric and Composite Materials Processing
Code of subject: 7.161.06.E.047
Credits: 5.00
Department: Chemical Technology of Plastics Processing
Lecturer: Associate professor Bratychak Mykhaylo Mykhaylovich
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • • the main types of film-forming and paint-and-lacquer materials on their basis; • principles of polymer coatings; physical and chemical, technological and operational properties of paint and varnish materials; possible areas of application • to obtain and form polymeric coatings with specified properties, apply and cure paint and varnish materials in various ways;
Required prior and related subjects: • The structure and properties of the Navy, • Processes and apparatuses of the chemical industry, • Chemistry of polymers.
Summary of the subject: General information on paint and varnish materials. The main components of paint and varnish materials. Basic definitions and conceptsClassification of paint and varnish materials. System of marking of paint and varnish materials. Properties of paint and varnish materials.Classification and properties of polymer coatingsContaining polymeric coatings. Basic film forming systems, their types and classification. Solutions of film formers in organic solvents. Paint and varnish materials on a water basis. Water-emulsion film-forming systems. Polymer organic dispersion. Influence of components of polymer dispersions on their properties. Application of water dispersions of polymers. Features of the structure of water-soluble oligomers. Liquid pigmented paint and varnish materials. Basic properties. Physico-chemical bases of obtaining liquid pigmented paint and varnish materials. Production of liquid pigmented paint and varnish materials. Manufacture of enamels. Production of water-based paints. Powder paint. Composition of powder paints. Properties of powder paints. Production of powder paints. Methods and methods of production. Formation of coatings from solutions. Forming coatings that proceed without chemical transformations. Formation of coatings from water dispersions of polymers. Formation of coatings from organic polymer dispersions. .Technology for the production of polymeric coatings. Ways
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (30%) – written reports on laboratory work, oral questioning, colloquiums; Final control (70%) - exam: writing, oral form.
Recommended books: 1. Сорокин М.Ф. и др. Химия и технология пленкообразующих веществ. М., Химия, 1989. – 477с. 2. Яковлев А.Д. Химия и технология лакокрасочных покрытий. Л., Химия, 1981. – 352с. 3. Охрименко С.И. и др. Химия и технология пленкообразующих веществ. Л., Химия. 1978. – 391с. 4. Такахаси Г. Пленки полимеров. Пер с яп. Л., Химия, 1971. – 151