Special Methods of Research of High Molecular Compounds Structure and Properties

Major: Chemical Technologies of High-molecular Compounds
Code of subject: 7.161.07.E.042
Credits: 4.00
Department: Chemical Technology of Plastics Processing
Lecturer: docent Humenetskyi Taras Volodymyrovych
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: forming ability to use modern methods of investigating the structure of polymers, establish the relationship between structure and properties of polymers, deliberately manage the physical and chemical processes that occur during the synthesis of polymers to achieve the required physical and mechanical properties of the polymer material, consciously identify possible areas of its application
Required prior and related subjects: Basics of polymer chemistry; The theoretical basis of production technology of macromolecular compounds; Chemical synthesis technology of macromolecular compounds; Technology of polymer composites and nanomaterials; Special technology processes of synthesis and modification of polymers
Summary of the subject: The structure and physical state of polymers. Glassy state, structural and mechanical vitrification; Mechanical properties of polymers in the glassy state; effect crystallization and orientation on the mechanical properties of polymers. Highly elastic state: Equilibrium highly elastic deformation. Relaxation and stress creep of elastomers. The strength of polymers. The general regularities that determine the destruction of polymers
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (40%) – written reports on laboratory work, oral questioning, colloquiums; Final control (60%) - exam: writing, oral form.
Recommended books: 1. Тхір І.Г., Гуменецький Т.В. Фізико-хімія полімерів: Навч. посібник. Львів: Вид-во НУ «Львівська політехніка», 2005. 240 с. 2. Гуль В.Е., Кулезнев В.Н. Структура и механические свойства полимеров: Учеб. для хим.-технолог. вузов. 4-е изд., перераб. и доп. М.: Изд. «Лабиринт», 1994, 367 с. 3. Методы исследования структуры и свойств полимеров: Учеб. пособие / И.Ю.Аверко-Антонович, Р.Т.Бикмуллин; КГТУ, Казань, 2002, 604 с.