Technology and Application of Therapeutic Cosmetics

Major: Pharmaceuticals technologies
Code of subject: 7.226.01.E.36
Credits: 4.00
Department: Technology of Biologically Active Substances, Pharmacy and Biotechnology
Lecturer: Associate Professor, Olena Fedorova
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - Knowledge on the use of plant material in formal, traditional medicine and cosmetology; - Knowledge and understanding of physical and chemical criteria for selecting ingredients modern treatment-cosmetology and conditions of storage; - Ability to produce therapeutic cosmetics various applications, conduct their quality control
Required prior and related subjects: Pre requisites: - Pharmaceutical technology of drugs; - Pharmaceutical chemistry. Ko requisites:: - Industrial pharmaceutical technology industries; - herbal medicine
Summary of the subject: Leather, as an object of beauty care. Cosmetic aspects of morphology and physiology of the skin. Methods for determining skin type. Clinical characteristics of morphological elements. Clinical characteristics of lesions of the skin. Clinical characteristics pathologies hair. The principles of the use of cosmetic products. Medical cosmetic preparations for the treatment of skin pathologies. Practical aromatherapy. Alternative treatment.
Recommended books: . Федорова О.В., Заярнюк Н.Є., Петріна Р.О., Стадницька Н.Є. та інші. Технологія та застосування лікувально- косметичних засобів. - Навч. Посібник для студ. та аспір.фарм. спеціальностей. – Львов, «Тріада плюс», 2011 2. Михайлов П. Медицинская косметика. – М., 1985. 3. Основы практической аромологии. – Х.: Прапор, 1999. 4.Технология косметических и парфюмерных средств. – Х.: «Золотые страницы», 2002
Assessment methods and criteria: : lectures, laboratory work, independent work Written reports on laboratory work, control work (30%) - Final evaluation (70% - control measure, test): written, oral form (70%)