Major: Pharmaceuticals technologies
Code of subject: 7.226.01.E.40
Credits: 4.00
Department: Technology of Biologically Active Substances, Pharmacy and Biotechnology
Lecturer: associate professor, PhD, Oksana Lopatynska
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • to understand the general principles of interpretation of the results of patient examination, important for rational choice of medicines; • be able to apply the main types of pharmacotherapy (etiological, pathogenetic, symptomatic, replacement, preventive, palliative); • be able to determine the rational treatment scheme for certain diseases; • be able to choose a specific pharmacological groups of drugs; • be able to use the principles of evidence-based medicine and formulary system for optimal choice of medicines for rational pharmacotherapy in specific clinical situations.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: • Laboratory and functional diagnostic • Pharmacokinetics • Clinical pharmacy Co-requisites: • Pharmacology
Summary of the subject: The fundamentals of Pharmacotherapy. The types of pharmacotherapy. The future of drug action on the body. The concept of the pharmacological effect. Factors that influence on the value and strength of pharmacological effect. The basic principles of pharmacotherapy of diseases associated with increased blood pressure. Characteristics of arterial hypertension. The main groups of antihypertensive drugs, dosage forms and features of dosing. Indications and contraindications for antihypertensive drugs using. Coronary heart disease and peculiarities of pharmacotherapy. Basic principles of treatment of gastrointestinal tract disorders. Respiratory tract disorders and features of therapy. Basic principles of endocrine disorders treatment. The main directions of chemotherapy. Features of antibiotics prescription and using. Pharmacotherapy of allergic diseases. Pharmacotherapy of rheumatic diseases. Pharmacotherapy systemic connective tissue diseases. Pharmacotherapy of neurological diseases. Pharmacotherapy of immune system diseases. Pharmacotherapy of blood diseases. Pharmacotherapy in obstetrics and gynecology.
Recommended books: 1. Фармакотерапія: підручник для студентів фарм. факультетів / Під ред. О.В. Крайдашенка, І.Г. Купновицької, І.М. Кліща, В.Г. Лизогуба. – Вінниця: Нова Книга, 2010. – 644 с. 2. Передерій В.Г., Ткач С.М. Основи внутрішньої медицини. У 2-х томах. – Вінниця: Нова книга, 2009. – Т 1. – 640 с. Т 2. – 784 с. 3. Середюк Н.М. Внутрішня медицина і терапія. – К.: Медицина, 2007. – 686 с.
Assessment methods and criteria: • written report on laboratory work, oral questioning (10 points), current tests (30 points) • final control (credit) - 60 points (written-oral form).