Master’s Thesis Defence

Major: Pharmaceuticals technologies
Code of subject: 7.226.01.O.28
Credits: 4.50
Department: Technology of Biologically Active Substances, Pharmacy and Biotechnology
Lecturer: Supervisor of Master`s Qualification Thesis
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - Ability to present the results of research work - possession of professional terms and knowledge - Ability to submit a graphic part in the form of a multimedia presentation - Ability to present scientific material for a professional audience in oral form - Ability to demonstrate practical engineering skills and the ability to apply a systematic approach to solving scientific problems - Knowledge of methods of synthesis of new substances, conditions of their conducting, - Identification and study of properties of synthesized compounds and possible ways of their further practical application - Knowledge of regulatory documents and rules of modeling of chemical and pharmaceutical processes in accordance with international requirements and principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of pharmaceutical manufactures. - Knowledge of the structural elements and materials of manufacture of the equipment of pharmaceutical manufactures; - Knowledge about the peculiarities of application and principles of operation of different machines; - to be able to calculate and design new technological schemes for the production of pharmaceuticals.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: Modeling and designing of chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises in the GMP system; Chemistry and technology of medicinal products, P. 1, P. 2; Scientific aspects of ecology of chemical and pharmaceutical industries; Industrial equipment of chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises; Fundamentals of Research and Intellectual Property; Economics of chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises. Corequisites: Practice on the topic of master's qualification work; Performance of master's qualification work.
Summary of the subject: Justification of the subject and purpose of master's qualification work. Review of literary data. The main part, which includes the justification for choosing methods for obtaining new compounds. Experimental part. Material calculations. Short technology. Principle technological scheme and creation of hardware-technological scheme. Economic part. Conclusions References. Attachments (presentation).
Recommended books: 1. Процеси і апарати хіміко-фармацевтичної промисловості. Навч посібник для фарм і хім спец. / Сидоров Ю.І., Чуєшов В.І., Новіков В.П. - Винница: Нова Книга, 2009. -816 с. 2. Технологічне обладнання біотехнологічної і фармацевтичної промисловості: підручник [для вищ. навч. закл.] / Стасевич М.В., Милянич., А.О., Стрельников Л.С., Крутських Т.В, Бучкевич І.Р., Зайцев О.І Гузьова., І.О., Стрілець О.П., Гладух Є.В., Новіков В.П. –Львів: «Новий Світ-2000», 2016. –410 с. 3. Технологія ліків промислового виробництва : підручник: у 2 ч. / В. І. Чуєшов, Є. В. Гладух, І. В. Сайко [та ін.]; – Харків: НФаУ; Оригінал, 2012. – Ч. 1 і 2. 4. Ол. Швайка Основи синтезу лікарських речовин та їх проміжних продуктів: Посібник. – Донецьк. 2004. – 552 с.
Assessment methods and criteria: Public defense in front Examination Commission - oral form (100 points).