Design of Deep Learning System

Major: Computer Sciences
Code of subject: 7.122.04.O.70
Credits: 5.00
Department: Artificial Intelligence Systems
Lecturer: Peleshko D.
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. Create datasets from raw data for learning deep systems. 2. Formulate the stages of development of a system with deep learning. 3. Develop the architecture of the deep learning system. 4. Select and implement a learning algorithm for a deep learning system. 5. Apply frameworks for the implementation of systems with deep learning. 6. Analyze the results. 7. Choose the type of system with deep learning in accordance with the problem to be solved. 8. Visualize the results of the system with deep learning.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous academic disciplines Artificial intelligence systems Machine learning Numerical Methods Related and subsequent disciplines Methods of big data analysis Machine learning Modeling and optimization for in-depth learning
Summary of the subject: The purpose of teaching this discipline is to form students' competencies in designing in-depth learning systems for analysis and processing of data flows.
Assessment methods and criteria: 50 - labs 50 - exam
Recommended books: 1. Николенко С., Кадурин А., Архангельская Е.. Глубокое обучение. Погружение в мир нейронных сетей. – Питер, 2019. - 480 с. 2. Гудфеллоу Я, Бенджио Й., Курвилль А. Глубокое обучение. ДМК, 2018, 653 с. 3. Goodfellow, I., Bengio, Y., Courville, A. Deep Learning. MIT Press, 2016. 4. Charu C. Aggarwal Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Springer International Publishing. 2018.