Statistical Modeling

Major: Computer Sciences
Code of subject: 7.122.02.O.46
Credits: 5.00
Department: Computer-Aided Design
Lecturer: Professor of CAD department Petro S.Kosobutskyy
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Apply the basic methods of statistical processing and data modeling; Perform statistical optimization and minimization of noise by proportional, Fibonacci and Monte-Carlo methods; to implement statistical analysis of data in the basic package of applications Matlab and MathCAD
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequishite: systems simulation, numerical methods, automation of the design of microelectronic systems, mathematical modeling in CAD, multicriterion optimization methods, probability theory
Summary of the subject: Methods and models of parametric and nonparametric statistics, the Monte Carlo method, the method of quadratic irrationality, dynamic models, the method of optimization, the method of proportional division and recurrence relations
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (50%); written reports on laboratory work, oral examination, control work Final control (50% of exam); written, oral examination
Recommended books: P.Kosobutskyy. Statistical design microelectromechanical sysytems. (electronic compendium). 2.P.Kosobutskyy, M.Lobur, V.Karkulovskyy. Micro and nanoelektromehanichni system: basic design principles phenomena, materials and components. Lviv:NU”LP”2017. 3. P.Kosobutskyy.The Physical Basis of Statystical Optimization of Micro- and Nanosystems. Lviv:NU”LP”2016; S. Vajda , Fibonacci & Lucas Numbers, and the Golden Section. Theory and Applications, Ellis Horwood limited (1989); N.N. Vorobyov, Fibonacci Numbers, Nauka, Moscow, (1961) .