Artificial Intelligence in Gaming Applications

Major: Computer Sciences
Code of subject: 7.122.04.O.71
Credits: 5.00
Department: Artificial Intelligence Systems
Lecturer: Shakhovska N
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1) The ability to formulate and refine an important research task, to solve it to gather the necessary information and to formulate conclusions that can be protected in a scientific context. 2) Ability to use professional-profile knowledge and practical skills to optimize the design of information systems of any complexity, to solve specific problems of designing intelligent information systems for the management of objects of different physical nature. 3) Ability to analyze and evaluate the range of tasks that contribute to the further development of effective use of information resources of decision-making systems.
Required prior and related subjects: Organization of databases and knowledge The theory of distributed systems and calculations
Summary of the subject: Relational operators. Relational algebra. Functional dependencies. Functional dependency coverage. Multi-valued dependencies, connection dependencies, and normal forms. Tuple variables and properly constructed formulas. Indefinite values, heterogeneous information, and database semantics. Some properties of database schemas, the existence of a complete reduction program. Syntax conditions for database schemas, acyclic hypergraphs, connection trees, cross-section quasi-property, equivalence of conditions. Knowledge bases. Ontology. Transformation operators NoSQL database Data quality metrics
Assessment methods and criteria: 50 - lab 50 - exam
Recommended books: 1. Д.Мейер Теория реляционных баз данных: Пер. с англ. — М.: Мир, 1987. — 608 с., ил. 2. Берко А.Ю., Верес О.М., Пасічник В.В. Системи баз даних та знань. Книга 1. Організація баз даних та знань: Навчальний посібник. — Львів: «Магнолія 2006», 2008. — 456 с. 3. К. Дж. Дейт. Введение в системы баз данных, 8-е изд.: Пер. с англ. — М.: Издательский дом «Вильямс», 2005. — 1328 с.: ил. — Парал. тит. англ. 4. Пасічник В. В. Організація баз даних та знань. / В. В. Пасичник, В. А. Резніченко. — К.: Видавнича група BHV, 2006. — 384 с. 5. Ульман Дж. Основы систем баз данных. Пер. с англ. — М.: Финансы и статистика, 1983. — 334 с.