Operating Systems

Major: Computer Science (Design and programming of intelligent systems and devices)
Code of subject: 6.122.12.O.015
Credits: 5.00
Department: Computer-Aided Design
Lecturer: Senior Lectorer the Department of CAD, PhD Nestor N.I.; PhD, Associate Professor, Associate Professor the Department of CAD Belei Oleksandr Igorovich; assistant lectorer the Department of CAD, PhD Pleskanka N.M.
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: basics of building operating systems, their architecture, requirements for them, the history of their development and modern approaches to their implementation; methods and algorithms for managing local computer resources: processor, memory, shared resources; principles of implementation of file systems; problems of implementation of network functions of operating systems and ways of the organization of a remote call of procedures and the distributed file systems; approaches to the implementation of the above mechanisms in modern. be able to: use modern operating systems Linux and Windows; formulate requirements for the operating system to solve certain applications; perform basic configuration of client operating systems. The discipline is aimed at studying modern operating systems, and practical skills of working with modern operating systems.
Required prior and related subjects: "Fundamentals of Information Theory and Coding", "Object-Oriented Programming", "Algorithmization and Programming" is used in the study of disciplines "Information Systems Design", "Computer Networks", "Numerical Methods".
Summary of the subject: Topic 1. The concept, classification and functions of operating systems. Topic 2. Architecture and interfaces of operating systems. Topic 3. I / O management. Topic 4. Application packages. Topic 5. OS for mobile devices. Topic 6. View event logs and the security log of the Windows operating system. Topic 7. Working with domain group policies in MS Windows Server. Topic 8. Remote access in Linux. Topic 9. User management and security in Linux. Topic 10. DNS server administration in Linux. Topic 11. Introduction to virtualization and containers. Topic 12. Docker container architecture. Topic 13. Fundamentals of cloud computing. Overview of cloud computing platforms. Topic 14. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Topic 15. Basic concepts and architecture of Microsoft Windows Azure.
Assessment methods and criteria: Assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities of students in the discipline "Operation systems" - is carried out on the basis of the results of current and final control. Current control is carried out during the semester by conducting practical, testing and individual classes and is estimated by the amount of points scored. The final control is carried out in the form of an exam in the terms provided by the schedule of the educational process.
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