History of Ukrainian Philosophy Engineering

Major: Computer Science (Design and programming of intelligent systems and devices)
Code of subject: 6.000.00.M.009G
Credits: 3.00
Department: Philosophy
Lecturer: CSc (Philosophy), Assoc. Professor Chursinova O.
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Tasks of the study of discipline: • knowledge of classical concepts in the field of philosophy of technology and their relationship with the general development of philosophy; • ability to synthesize historical, subject and personal aspects of the material, as well as to give their own assessment of technical innovations; • acquisition of skills to work with primary sources on relevant topics. As a result studying of the academic discipline study the student must be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: to know: • features of historical stages of development of Ukrainian philosophy of sciences and technology; • basic concepts of philosophy of technology, their definitions and basic characteristics; • features of the general socio-cultural context of the historical stages of development of the Ukrainian philosophy of technology, its influence on the change of status and purpose of technology in society. to be able: • apply the skills of reconstruction of the historical past in the development of Ukrainian philosophy of technology to analyze internal trends, patterns of formation of scientific and technical knowledge, explain why scientists of the past focused on certain problems and tasks; • identify features of the scientific type of knowledge in comparison with technical-technological, everyday-practical, religious, artistic and other types of knowledge; • analyze the main achievements of scientists in the context of specific historical stages of development of Ukrainian philosophy of technology; • compare the development of Ukrainian philosophy of technology at different historical stages.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequіsites: Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy. - Corequisites: Actual Problems of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Summary of the subject: Technology in society, philosophy of technology. The ideological basis for the formation of the Ukrainian philosophy of technology. Understanding the phenomenon of technology in Ukraine in the XIX - early XX century. V. Vernadsky's teachings on the progress of science and technology and the future of mankind. Ukrainian philosophy of technology of the XX-XXI centuries. Ukrainian philosophy of technology of the XX-XXI centuries. Philosophy of global problems of the present and perspectives of the concept of sustainable development in Ukraine.
Assessment methods and criteria: - Current control (30%): oral questioning, presentations at seminars, tests, individual written work. - The final test (70%): test.
Recommended books: 1. Vernadskyi V. Y. Nauchnaia mыsl kak planetnoe yavlenye / V. Y. Vernadskyi. – M. : Nauka, 1991. – 270 s. 2. Horokhov V. H. Vvedenye v fylosofyiu tekhnyky : uchebnoe posobye / V. H. Horokhov, V. M. Rozyn. – M. : YNFRA-M, 1998. – 224 s. – (Ser. «Vыsshee obrazovanye»). 3. Kniazev V. Chelovek y tekhnolohyia (sotsyalno-fylosofskyi aspekt) / V. Kniazev. – K., 1990. – 176 s. 4. Melnyk V. P. Filosofiia. Nauka. Tekhnika : metodoloho-svitohliadnyi analiz : monohrafiia / V. P. Melnyk. – Lviv : Vydavn. tsentr LNU imeni Ivana Franka, 2010. – 592 s. 5. Ratnikov V. S. Osnovy filosofii nauky i filosofii tekhniky / V. S. Ratnikov. – Vinnytsia : VNTU, 2012. – 292 s. 6. Semeniuk E. P. Filosofiia suchasnoi nauky i tekhniky / E. P. Semeniuk, V. P. Melnyk. – Lviv : Svit, 2006. – 152 s. 7. Filosofiia nauky i tekhniky: metodychni vkazivky dlia mahistriv vsikh spetsialnostei / uklad. : V. L. Petrushenko, B. T. Dombrovskyi, H. V. Sihunov, Yu. H. Shadskykh, O. Yu. Chursinova. – Lviv : Vyd-vo NU «Lvivska politekhnika», 2006. – 28 s. 8. Fylosofyia tekhnyky v FRH : per. s nem. y anhl. / sostavl. y predysl. Ts. H. Arzakaniana y V. H. Horokhova. – M. : Prohress, 1989. – 528 s.