Stylistics of Modern Ukrainian

Major: Applied Linguistics
Code of subject: 7.035.10.M.17
Credits: 3.00
Department: Ukrainian Language
Lecturer: Farion Iryna Dmytrivna
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • Master the basic scientific principles of modern Ukrainian literary language on lexicology, know the basic theoretical questions of style; • Master the basic requirements for modern oral and written communication; • Be able to use Ukrainian spelling, different types of dictionaries, and reference books; • Be able to analyze texts on professional topics that share knowledge in the practice of communication.
Required prior and related subjects: Modern Ukrainian.
Summary of the subject: Stylistic and practical aspects of modern Ukrainian literary language; journalistic style and its means; culture of oral and written language; scientific principles of spelling and punctuation; stylistic editing of journalistic texts.
Assessment methods and criteria: test: participation: 100 points (oral interviews, tests)
Recommended books: 1) Mykytyuk Oksana. Kul'tura movlennya: osoblyvosti, zavdannya, tsikavynky. Navchal'nyy posibnyk. – L'viv: Vyd-vo L'vivs'koyi politekhniky, 2014. – 234 s. 2) Ponomariv O.D. Stylistyka suchasnoyi ukrayins'koyi movy. - K.: Lybid', 1993. – 248 s. 3) Farion Iryna. Mova – krasa i syla. – L'viv: Vyd-vo NU “L'vivs'ka politekhnika”, 2007. – 168 s.