Theoretical Lexicology and Grammar

Major: Applied Linguistics
Code of subject: 7.035.10.E.29
Credits: 6.00
Department: Applied Linguistics
Lecturer: Dr. Oksana S. Taran
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: To know: 1) traditional and new approaches to the classification and qualifications of lexical and grammatical units; 2) problems of modern lexicology and grammar; 3) theoretical basis for the creation of syntactic units; To be able to: 1) make the seme-component analysis, also the morphological, syntactic analysis; 2 to determine the structure of lexical meaning and changes in it; 5) define the grammatical category, lexical & grammatical category, etc.
Required prior and related subjects: - prerequisite: Introduction to Linguistics, Contrastive Lexicology and Phraseology of the English and Ukrainian Languages; - corequisite: General Linguistics, Computer Lexicography.
Summary of the subject: The composition of the lexicon by origin, by sphere and activity use, by stylistic point of view; the structure of lexical meaning and changes in it. The types of grammatical meanings, types of forms and basic ways of expressing grammatical meanings of the word in the Ukrainian language, grammatical category and grammar; parts of speech, problems in their definition, transition of parts of speech, changes in the morphological composition of the word; the studies of phrase and sentence, simple sentence, simple sentence complicated, complex coordinating, subordinating and asyndetic sentences, complex syntax, the problems of syntax.
Assessment methods and criteria: - current assessment (50 %): written test, questioning, defense of individual research projects; - final testing (50%): test in written and oral form.
Recommended books: 1. Загнітко А.П. Теорія сучасного синтаксису: монографія. — [вид. 2-е, випр. і доп.]. — Донецьк: ДонНУ, 2007. — 294 с. 2. Плющ М.Я. Граматика української мови: підручник: у 2 ч. — К., 2005. — Ч. 1. 3. Сучасна українська літературна мова / за ред. М.Я. Плющ. — К., 2005.