Business English

Major: Computer Technologies and Systems for Publishing and Printing Industry
Code of subject: 7.186.01.M.011
Credits: 3.00
Department: Foreign Languages
Lecturer: As.Prof., PhD Hasko O.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: By the end of the study learners are expected to be able to: - Communicate in a foreign language in the familiar academic and general professional environment; - Discuss common training and specialization-related issues, in order to achieve understanding; - Prepare public speech on a number of common issues in political, economic and cultural areas using appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication; - Find new text, image, audio and video information related to the overall academic and professional activities that contains foreign materials (both printed and electronic), using appropriate search methods; - Analyze information from foreign sources in order to obtain data necessary for academic and professional needs; - Create a number of documents required for participation in international academic events, student exchange programs, and for employment; - Utilize international vocabulary and terminology, rules of business etiquette and business communication in intercultural communication; - Implement effective professional business communication with the representatives of other cultures; - Take a qualifying international language exam at level B2.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: level of the foreign language B1 - B1 + according to " the European recommendations to the language education: learning, teaching, assessment" Corequisites: the Ukrainian language for professional purposes.
Summary of the subject: This module promotes the development of professional communicative competence of students by learning four integrated learning skills with an emphasis on developing reading skills and oral speech perception in situations of education and future profession. The purpose of the module: the ability to promote students to take part in dialogues at the official level in oral and written form in the specialty by foreign language means in the context of education and future profession. This compulsory module is to be taught by the fifth-year students of the university who are enrolled in Publishing and Printing specialty. It has a distinct professional orientation. Students are to improve oral presentation skills of the professional information as an integral part of professional communicative competence by learning four integrated learning skills with an emphasis on developing reading skills and oral speech perception. The ability of students to promote conduction of business communication by means of a foreign language in the context of future profession, following the ethics of business communication.
Assessment methods and criteria: Teaching methods: communicative, interactive Methods of assessment: • Current control: listening, monologue and dialogue speaking, reading, writing. Control work. • Final control: grading test/ credit. The distribution of points according to the 100-point scale Current control 100 Class work 60 Listening 10 Reading 10 Speaking 20 Writing 10 Vocab 10 Control work 40 Individual work 30 Doing exercises from a textbook. 5 Doing lexical and grammatical tests in Virtual Educational Environment (VEE) 5 Extracurricular reading. Ведення читацького щоденника. 5 Glossary of educational and special professional vocabulary. 5 Monologue speech. 5 Dialogic speech. 5
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