Master’s Thesis Defence

Major: Computer Systems and Networks
Code of subject: 7.123.01.O.018
Credits: 1.50
Department: Electronic Computing Machines
Lecturer: Anatoliy Melnyk, Ph.D., Professor Yaroslav Paramud, Ph.D, Associative Professor
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: Study of the technology of defense of the master's qualification work
Завдання: Completion of the formation of integral competence: the ability to solve complex, specialized tasks and practical problems during professional activities in the field of information technologies or in the learning process, which involves the application of theories and methods of computer engineering and is characterized by complexity and uncertainty of conditions
Learning outcomes: Development of an explanatory note and graphic part of the master's qualification work and defense of the work before the examination committee
Required prior and related subjects: According to the educational and professional program "Computer Systems and Networks
Summary of the subject: Graduate students are provided with methodical materials for the defense of their Master's thesis
Опис: Methodical materials for all stages of preparation and defense of the master's qualification thesis, including preliminary defense at the department, review, defense before the examination committee
Assessment methods and criteria: Adherence to the calendar schedule for the defense of the master's qualification thesis
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: The completeness and argumentation of the presentation of the research results during the defense of the work was passed by the examination committee
Порядок та критерії виставляння балів та оцінок: The defense of the master's qualification thesis is evaluated at a closed meeting using the grades excellent, good, satisfactory, unsatisfactory and the corresponding points on a 100-point scale
Recommended books: Metodychni vkazivky do vykonannia ta zakhystu mahisterskoi kvalifikatsiinoi roboty dlia studentiv spetsialnosti "Kompiuterna inzheneriia" spetsializatsii "Computer Systems and Networks". /Ukl. Melnyk A.O., Paramud Ya.S. -Lviv: Vydavnytstvo Lvivskoi politekhniky, 2021. - 36 s.
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