Master’s Thesis Preparation

Major: Information Technologies in Instrument Engineering
Code of subject: 7.152.05.O.016
Credits: 16.50
Department: Department of Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics
Lecturer: R. Velgan, Yu. Hirniak, R. Deineka, O. Ivakhiv, S. Kluchkovsky, T. Boyko, V. Mokrytsky, M. Tykhan
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: The purpose of the master's qualification work is an independent scientific research conducted by a higher education student, which contains elements of scientific novelty, has internal unity and reflects the progress and results of work on the chosen topic
Завдання: The tasks of the master's qualification work are: o consolidation and deepening of knowledge obtained by students of the master's degree during the course of study; o involvement of graduates in independent work with professional literature; o formation of skills for finding the necessary sources and materials; o students gaining experience to clearly, consistently and competently present theoretical propositions in writing; o mastering the research methodology for solving scientific and applied problems; o development of the skills of analysis, generalization, formulation of conclusions.
Learning outcomes: The results of the master's qualification work are: o understanding of current achievements and the current level of development of science and technology in relation to the selected issues; o mastering both general scientific and special methods of scientific knowledge, the expediency of using which is substantiated in each specific case; o formation of fundamentally new material with a description of facts, phenomena and regularities or a generalization of previously known provisions from other scientific positions or for other applied tasks; o the ability to participate in scientific polemics; to provide strong and convincing evidence in favor of the chosen concept, to comprehensively analyze and provide evidence to criticize opposing views.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: normative and variable disciplines of educational and professional master program (all disciplines).
Summary of the subject: -
Опис: -
Assessment methods and criteria: Defense of work before the State Examination Commission. The condition for admission to the defense is the implementation of the internship program on the topic of the master's qualification thesis, as well as a positive assessment of the applicant's work by the academic supervisor and reviewer
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: The work is evaluated according to a number of indicators, while the quality of the execution of the explanatory note and graphic materials (general characteristics and the main part) is taken into consideration - they are evaluated by the reviewer and the state commission, as well as the work of the applicant during the performance of the qualification work - is evaluated by the work supervisor, and the candidate's defense speech, his erudition and ability to defend his own beliefs in the debate are evaluated by the state commission. The reviewer and academic supervisor evaluate the work in general, which is taken into account by the state examination commission when setting the final grade for the performance of the qualification work.
Recommended books: Методичні вказівки до виконання магістерських кваліфікаційних робіт для студентів спеціальностей для студентів спеціальностей 8.05100302 «Прилади і системи точної механіки» та 8.05100306 «Інформаційні технології в приладобудуванні» / Укл.: Вельган Р. Б., Дейнека Р. М., Івахів О. В., Ключковський С. М., Репетило Т. М. – Львів: Самвидав кафедри приладів точної механіки Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2017. – 35 с.