Accounting and Financial Reporting According to International Standards

Major: Accounting and Taxation
Code of subject: 7.071.01.E.29
Credits: 5.00
Department: Accounting and Analysis
Lecturer: Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor Natalia Lytvynenko
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of module learning a student should: master the procedure of accounting organization and accounting records maintenance according to IFRS; be able to display information about business transactions in the accounting system and in the financial statements of an enterprise according to the rules determined by IFRS.
Required prior and related subjects: - prerequisites: «Accounting in business management», «Financial analysis»; - corequisites: «Accounting organization», « Management information systems in accounting, analysis and audit»
Summary of the subject: Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting. Basic requirements for the elements of financial statements. Accounting policies in preparation of the financial statements. Accounting of assets. Accounting for liabilities, exchange rate changes and the impact of changes in exchange rates and contingent assets. Income and expenses. The accounting for the financial instruments and theirs reflection in the financial statements. Investment in associates and joint ventures. Business combinations and consolidated financial statements. Methods of financial reporting according to international standards of accounting and financial reporting.
Assessment methods and criteria: - Current control (30%): oral answers during practical classes; Final tests (70%) - Evaluative control (credits).
Recommended books: 1. Облік і фінансова звітність за міжнародними стандартами / Лучко М.Р., Бенько І.Д. – Тернопіль : Економічна думка ТНЕУ, 2016. – 360 с. 2. Облік і фінансова звітність за міжнародними стандартами : навч. посіб. / С. О. Кузнецова, І. Б. Чернікова. – Х. : Видавництво «Лідер», 2016. – 318 с. 3. Міжнародні стандарти фінансової звітності. Підручник і практикум / Чая В.Т., Чая Г.В. – Тернопіль : Юрайт, 2017. – 417 с. 4. Облік у зарубіжних країнах / В.О. Онищенко, М.І. Бондар, В.В. Дубовая. – К: Центр учбової літератури, 2017. – 570 с. 5. Облік у зарубіжних країнах : навч.посіб. / Н.С. Акімова., А.П. Грінько, О.В. Топоркова, Т. А. Наумова, Н.С.Ковалевська, Л. О. Кирильєва, В. В. Янчев.– Х.: ХДУХТ, 2016. – 288 с.