International Financial Institutions

Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 7.072.04.E.065
Credits: 6.00
Department: Finance
Lecturer: Assoc. Prof.Lyvdar Marta, PhD.
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Search, process, systematize and analyze the information needed to solve professional and scientific problems in the system of regulation of international economic relations -Present the results of their own research, in particular, by preparing scientific publications and presentations at scientific events on the study of international institutions. - Carry out general, financial, tax, operational due diligence in the framework of financial and non-financial international institutions
Required prior and related subjects: Financial services market Financial innovations
Summary of the subject: 1. International organizations in the system of regulation of international economic relations 2. The mechanism of functioning of international organizations 3. The United Nations in international economic relations 4. Interstate economic organizations of general competence 5. International non-governmental economic organizations 6. Intergovernmental regulatory organizations in the field of industry, agriculture, transport and communications 7. Organizations for regulation in the social sphere 8. International organizations in the field of world trade regulation 9. International monetary - credit organizations 10. Regional integration groups in Europe 11. Regional integration groups in Asia, North and South America, Africa 12. Activities of Ukraine in international organizations
Assessment methods and criteria: Final control (100%): practical classes (40%), testing (20%), Individual research task (20%) control measure (20%).
Recommended books: 1. Ливдар М.В. Навчально – методичний комплекс ВНС Львівської політехніки з дисципліни «Міжнародні фінансові організації» /М.В. Ливдар // – Сертифікат № 03205 про визнання інформаційного ресурсу у Віртуальному середовищі Львівської політехніки методичною працею з дисципліни «Міжнародні фінансові організації». (International financial) Е41-231-838/2020 від 27.04.2020 р. Адреса розміщення: course/view.php?id=9353 2. Zagurska-Antoniuk, V. (2020), “Terrorism and international security in the context of globalization of the modern world”, Investytsiyi: praktyka ta dosvid, vol. 17-18, pp. 116–123. 3. Official site of the World Trade Statistical Review 2019, available at: 4. Ostashko, T.O. and others (2019), Strukturni zminy u svitovii torhivli yak chynnyk rozvytku vnutrishnoho 5. rynku Ukrainy [Structural changes in world trade as a factor in the development of the domestic market of Ukraine], NAN Ukrainy, DU «In-t ekon. ta prohnozuv. NAN Ukrainy», Kyiv, Ukraine, P. 350