Financial Innovations

Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 7.072.00.O.009
Credits: 4.00
Department: Finance
Lecturer: Prof. Ihor Alieksieiev, ScD Assoc. Prof. Andriana Mazur, PhD.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: Mastering the knowledge and skills of researching the problems of innovative development of the financial system, financial relations in the innovative sphere.
Завдання: GK2. Ability to communicate in a foreign language. GK3. Ability to conduct research at an appropriate level. GK10. Ability to generate new ideas (creativity). SK8. Ability to apply innovative approaches in the field of finance, banking and insurance. SK13 The ability to develop strategies for making managerial decisions in the field of finance, banking and insurance based on the principles of liberal arts and science education. SKS2. The ability to apply promising scientific directions of public finance management, form strategies for socio-economic development and budgets of territorial communities, analyze their implementation, provide a control system, opportunities to attract investment resources, in particular through municipal borrowing. SKS-3. The ability to transform the skills and abilities of scientific research into the management of strategic development of the financial market and its participants, improvement of banking state regulation, internal audit and controlling, management of banking risks, design of banking products and services, taking into account the peculiarities of using the European banker's certificate.
Learning outcomes: PLO 02. To know at the level of the latest achievements the main concepts and methodologies of scientific knowledge in the field of finance, banking and insurance. PLO 06. To present the results of research orally and in writing, to participate in professional discussions. PLO 08. Be able to apply and manage innovative approaches in the field of finance, banking and insurance. PLO 12. To substantiate the choice of options for management decisions in the field of finance, banking and insurance and to evaluate their effectiveness taking into account the goals, existing restrictions, legislative and ethical aspects. PLO14. To substantiate the relevance of research, the possibility of achieving the set goals taking into account the available resources, to put forward hypotheses, to argue conclusions based on the results of research. PLO 16. Apply conceptual knowledge of the methodology of researching problems of financial relations at enterprises, organizations and institutions. PLO22. To be able to form strategies of socio-economic development and budgets of territorial communities, analyze their implementation, provide a system of control, attraction of investment resources, in particular through municipal borrowing. KN2. Critical understanding of basic theories, principles, methods and concepts in education and professional activity. SK1. Solving complex, unpredictable tasks and problems in specialized areas of professional activity and/or training, which involves the collection and interpretation of information (data), the selection of methods and tools, the application of innovative approaches for different levels and stages of scientific research, which allow for professional research and financing of scientific developments. KOM2. Ability to effectively form a communication strategy. AR2. Responsibility for the professional development of individuals and/or groups of individuals. Teaching and learning methods Lectures, seminars, practical classes: method of problem presentation, method of working in small groups, reproductive method. Independent work: reproductive method, research method. Methods of assessing the level of achievement of learning outcomes: Current control: - Testing; - Oral sample interview; - Implementation and protection of practical works. - Execution and protection of an individual task; Examination control: - Testing or performing an individual task; - Oral interview.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous academic disciplines: Research methodology in finance, Tax management, Insurance management, Market of financial services. Associated and following academic disciplines: Modeling of activities on the insurance market.
Summary of the subject: Study of the scientific foundations of innovative activity. Research of socio-economic development and innovative activity. Study of innovation theories, theoretical and applied principles of activity of venture enterprises, funds and venture financing. Highlighting the prerequisites of financial innovations in society and at enterprises, organizations and institutions. Study of the financial foundations of the innovative development of the enterprise. Analysis of innovative changes in the financial system of Ukraine. Study of the theoretical and methodological foundations of the activity of innovative enterprises and non-state pension funds, in particular regarding the protection of deposits in the conditions of dynamic tax legislation.
Опис: Scientific bases of innovation. Innovations and social and economic development. Theory of innovation. Venture financing: funds, its activity and regulation. Background of financial innovation in society and enterprises. Financial bases of innovative development of enterprise. Innovative development of enterprises and financial innovation in Ukraine. Pecularities of sustainable economic development in Ukraine and ways of its financing.
Assessment methods and criteria: - Current control: (test survey; oral survey in practical classes; work in small groups; completion of an individual task (optional) and its defense. - Final control: passing the exam (written and oral components).
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: • practical training, small groups work (45%); • final control (55% - the final exam): a written component (30%), an oral component (25%).
Порядок та критерії виставляння балів та оцінок: In the course of study, the applicant must demonstrate active educational activity during the semester and, based on the results of the current control, score from 26 to 45 points. Mandatory types of current control work include: 1. Testing in VLE on 7 topics of the academic discipline, which are evaluated at a maximum of 1 point; 2. Performance of practical works with placement in VLE work. 3. Performance of an individual task according to a separate option, worth 5 points and a maximum of 1.5 points for defense. In addition, the applicant can receive points for activity in classes (Oral, face-to-face interview), presentations at seminar classes, a maximum of 1-2 points. Separately, with additional points (from 5 to 10 points), the recipient is encouraged to research work - participation in competitions for research works, publication of scientific theses and articles. On the exam, the applicant can get a maximum of 55 points. The exam consists of a written and an oral component.
Recommended books: 1. Electronic educational and methodical complex «Фінансові інновації». Compilers: Ihor Alieksieiev, Andriana Mazur. Available at: Registration number and date: Е41-231-813/2020 from 04.05.2020. Certificate № 03214. 2. Electronic educational and methodical complex «Financial innovations». Compilers: Ihor Alieksieiev, Andriana Mazur. Available at: Registration number and date: Е41-231-710/2018 від 13.09.2018 р. Certificate № 02434. 3. Restructuring Management. Threats, Adaptations and Development in the Face of Changes : Collective monograph [I. Alieksieiev, A. Mazur (2022) Challenges and objectives of financial support for innovation projects: analysis and international comparison (Chapter 18). – p.241–248]. Torun, Poland: TNOiK, Stowarzyszenie Wyzszej Uzytecznosci, Cracow University of Economics. 4. Socio-economic and management concepts : Collective monograph [I. Alieksieiev, A. Mazur (2021) Providing sustainable finance: the role of financial institutions (7.1). – p.323–331]. – Boston: International Science Group. – Boston : Primedia eLaunch, 2021. DOI - 10.46299/ISG.2021.MONO.ECON.I. Retrieved from 5. Alieksieiev, I., Mazur, A., & Storozhenko О. (2021). Implementing the sustainable development goals in Ukraine: financing framework. Financial and Credit Activity: Problems of Theory and Practice, 5(40), 399–409. (Web of Science)
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