Municipal Debt Policy

Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 7.072.02.E.033
Credits: 6.00
Department: Finance
Lecturer: Ph.D. Associate Professor Nataliya Synyutka
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: acquisition by students of theoretical and methodical knowledge, acquisition of practical skills in the management of borrowing at the level of local self-government bodies and individual local government organizations (communities), prevention and reduction of the negative impact of local debt on the finances of communities in conditions of fiscal and debt gaps, in-depth study of the specifics of the formation of local debt policy of municipal entities based on the analysis of world experience, solving complex specialized tasks and practical problems, mastering the processes of making managerial decisions, the ability to use the acquired knowledge in practical activities
Завдання: general competences: ZK4. Ability to identify, pose and solve problems. professional competences: SK8. Ability to apply innovative approaches in the field of finance, banking and insurance. SK10. Ability to perform scientific research in the field of finance, banking and insurance, taking into account the tasks and existing limitations. SK11. The ability to analyze financial and tax policy at the micro- and macro-level and justify directions for their improvement. ? SKS-2. The ability to apply promising scientific directions of public finance management, form strategies for socio-economic development and budgets of territorial communities, analyze their implementation, provide a control system, opportunities to attract investment resources, in particular, through municipal borrowing.
Learning outcomes: PR01. Use the fundamental laws of the development of the local debt sector in combination with research and management tools to carry out professional and scientific activities. PR 03. Adapt and modify existing scientific approaches and methods to specific situations of professional activity. PR 04. Find, process, organize and analyze the information needed to solving professional tasks in the field of local finance, knowledge of global practices and techniques of municipal debt policy PR 11. Apply in-depth knowledge in the field of financial management for decision-making: on methods of controlling the amount of local debt, legal and regulatory restrictions in the field of local debt. PR 15. To present the results of one's own research, in particular, by preparing scientific publications and speaking at scientific events. PR 17. To substantiate the directions of improving the financial policy of the state, in particular, the specifics of the issue of local debt (loans, local bonds, other securities) and its management; management of municipal guarantees as a separate form of local borrowing. PR19. To carry out general, financial, tax, operational due diligence within the framework of the activities of financial and non-financial corporations. PR23. Develop bank strategies on financial markets, design banking products and services, manage banking risks taking into account the requirements of the European banker's certificate.
Required prior and related subjects: ОК2.4. Finance Management ОК2.2. Financial services market
Summary of the subject: Legal basis of the concepts of "municipal debt policy", "local debt", "local borrowing". The rights of municipalities and UTCs for local loans. Peculiarities of emission of local borrowings: borrowing, loans, securities, local bonds. Local and municipal guarantees. Features of accounting of local debt and guarantees. Features of taxation of transactions with local securities. The current state of local debt in Ukraine. International organizations working with municipalities and communities. Dizigitalization of the municipal debt policy. Disclosure of the peculiarities of the organization of the modern market of municipal loans and guarantees; determination of participants and beneficiaries of such a market; features of debt policy formation at the national and local levels; highlighting the interrelationships of fiscal and debt policies, understanding their organizational and legal status; essence and purpose of debt decentralization; nuances of taxation of investors in local securities; disclosure of the peculiarities of the regulation of the local borrowing market in Ukraine and the world. Development of scientific conceptualization of debt policy, debt strategies of municipalities, design of loan payment optimization schemes, risk management and credit ratings in the field of local debt. Modernization of approaches in the formation of local debt policy of cities, as well as its transformation in the conditions of globalization.
Опис: Topic 1. Organizational and legal foundations of the existence of territorial communities (OTG and MTG). Aspects of decentralization. Scientific conceptualization of debt policy. Nature of municipal borrowings, loans and guarantees Topic 2. Credit ratings of cities and municipalities. Rating agencies. Municipal borrowing market in Ukraine and the world Topic 3. World experience of municipal debt policy. Administrative and financial aspects. International organizations working with municipalities and communities. Topic 4. Peculiarities of municipal guarantees. Budgetary component of municipal debt policy Topic 5. Fiscal and debt policy at the national and local levels: points of intersection and mutual influence Topic 6. Modernization of approaches in the formation of local debt policy of cities. Global trends. Transformation in the conditions of globalization.
Assessment methods and criteria: current control (the methods of oral control, practical cases, the frontal questioning, the test questionnaire, the written control and self-control (100%)
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: A student who systematically prepared for classes and was active in them receives the maximum grade for practical classes. Tests on topics in the National Security Service are taken into account - with the transfer to a scale of 0-4 points. There are no restrictions on the number of attempts and the minimum number of points. The maximum number of points for the performance of an individual task is given to the winner who disclosed the topic of the task, its purpose, subject and object of research on time and as fully as possible, as well as presented a presentation using the Power Point program. Additional points (up to 10 points in the oral component) encourage the winner to do research work - publication of scientific theses and articles in accordance with the standards of the Higher Education Institution of the Lviv Polytechnic. The total sum of points of the final control is 100 points.
Порядок та критерії виставляння балів та оцінок: According to the 100-point scale of the University /According to the national scale/According to the ECTS scale 100-88 points "excellent" A 87-80 points "good" B 79-71 points "good" C 70-61 points "satisfactory" D 60-50 points "satisfactory" E 49-26 points not certified FX 25-00 points not certified with an "unsatisfactory" grade of F
Recommended books: 1. Крисоватий А.І., Синютка Н.Г. Муніципальна боргова політика: теоретичні концепти та практика реалізації в Україні: монографія / А. І. Крисоватий, Н. Г. Синютка. – Львів: Українська академія друкарства, 2017. – 199 c. 2. Синютка Н. Г. Детермінанти муніципальної боргової політики в Україні. Розділ 14 : монографія / Регіональні перетворення у світовому та українському вимірах / За наук. ред. Проф. А. І. Крисоватого, Є.В. Савельєва. - Тернопіль : ТНЕУ, 2016. – 388 с. - С. 218-230. 3. Synyutka N.G. Formation of the municipal debt policy in Ukraine. Part 2. 12 : Monograph / Social and Economic Priorities in the Context of Sustainable Development / Opole: The Academy of Management and Administration in Opole, 2016. – 444pp. – P. 218- 223. 4.Башко В.Й. Державні запозичення в Україні- оцінка потреб і пропозиції щодо структури// Економіка і прогнозування. – 2017.- № 2.- с.75-87. 5. Молдован О. Державні фінанси України: досвід та перспективи реформ Монографія.-Київ, 2012.-375с. 6. Вітлінський В.В. Моделювання економіки: Навч.посібник.- К: КНЕУ, 2015.- 408 с. 7. Бюджетна система: навчальний посібник / О. М. Піхоцька, Л.Є. Фурдичко, Н.Г. Синютка - Львів: ТНЕУ, 2019. – 328 с. 8. Алєксєєв І. В. Бюджетний механізм і соціально-економічний розвиток регіонів : монографія / І. В. Алєксєєв, Г. С. Лопушняк, М. В. Ливдар ; Нац. ун-т «Львів. політехніка». — Львів : Ліга-Прес, 2014. — 246 с.
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