Socio-Pedagogical Services in Educational Institution

Major: Management
Code of subject: 7.073.00.M.013
Credits: 3.00
Department: Department of Pedagogics and Innovative Education
Lecturer: docent Horokhivska Tetyana
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • know the theoretical foundations of social pedagogic, theoretical and methodological bases of social and educational activities in educational institutions; • know the features of social and educational activities with different groups of children and teenagers in the educational process; • be able to choose the optimal directions, methods and forms of social and educational impact, taking into account the physical, psychological, educational and social deviations categories of children; • look for information to solve the problems of social and educational sphere.
Required prior and related subjects: • Professional education and professional training methods, • Methods of teaching in secondary educational institutions, • Psychopedagogic of management, • Innovative educational technology.
Summary of the subject: The theoretical basis of social and educational activities, structure and function. Technologies, tools and methods of social and educational activities in educational institutions. Social and educational work with vulnerable, deviant children in schools. Features of social and educational work with sick children, orphans, talented children.
Assessment methods and criteria: • oral examination (frontal, individual, combined), written examination (essays, educational tasks, individual homework) (100%, test)
Recommended books: 1. Social work: technological aspects / Edited by A.J. Kapska. - K .: Center of educational literature, 2004. - 352 p. 2. Social pedagogic. Textbook / Edited by A.J. Kapska. - K .: Center of edu. lit., 2000. - 264 p. 3. Bezpalko O.V. Social pedagogy in charts and tables. Textbook. - K .: Center of educational literature, 2003. - 134 p.