Customs Service of International Economic Activity

Major: International Economic Relations
Code of subject: 7.292.00.O.3
Credits: 5.00
Department: Management and International Business
Lecturer: Ph.D., Assoc Sai L.P.
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: ЗН 1.Conceptual knowledge, purchased in the process of studies та/або professional activity at the level of the newest achievements that are basis for the original thinking and innovative activity, in particular in the context of research work. ЗН 2. Critical comprehension of problems in studies та/або professional activity and on verge of subject industries УМ 1.Decision of intricate problems and problems, that needs updating and integration of knowledge, often in the conditions of incomplete/insufficient information and contradictory requirements. УМ 2. Realization of researchand/ or innovative activity РН 2.Креативно to think, to show flexibility in making decision on the basis of logical arguments and tested facts in the conditions of a limit time and resources on principles of the use of different diagnostic methodologies of leading international organizations РН 3. To systematize, to synthesize and put in order obtained information, identify problems, formulate conclusions and develop recommendations, using effective approaches and technologies, software is specialized with the aim of decision of intricate problems of practical problems taking into account the крос-культурних features of subjects of international economic relations. РН 6.To analyse normativelylegal documents, estimate analyst reports, correctly to use normativelyprescriptive documents and reference sources, conduct the applied analytical developments, professionally to prepare analytical materials. РН 10. To understand conformities to law and progress of world economy and phenomenon of new economy trends taking into account the processes of інтелектуалізації, informatization and scientifically-technological exchange. К1.Clear and unequivocal report of own conclusions, and also knowledge and explanations, that they are grounded, to the specialists and нефахівців, in particular to the persons that study АВ 1. Making decision in difficult and unforeseeable terms, that needs application of new approaches and prognostication
Required prior and related subjects: prerequisite: " Іnternational business " co-requisite:" International financial management "
Summary of the subject: An evolution of the custom system is in Ukraine, organs of government control of custom business, structure of custom service of Ukraine, co-operation of custom authorities, specialized custom establishments and organizations with other public authorities and organs of local self-government. Concept, principles and methods of customs policy of Ukraine, level of custom-tariff defence, realization of economic interests of country at the terms of participating in a customs union, structure of koda of commodity nomenclature of custom tariff of Ukraine (УКТЗЕД). Essence of custom-tariff relations, function of the custom system, methods of the custom adjusting of international economic activity and feature of her custom registration. Mechanism of calculation and penalty of custom payments, determination of custom cost of the imported commodities, use of Інкотермс- 2010 for the calculation of custom and texture cost, reliefs from duty. Essence and features of realization of custom control, order of custom registration of commodities and other objects in accordance with the custom mode, their kinds and values, organization of fight is against on the sly and violations of custom rules.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (30%): oral questioning, implementation of laboratory works; Final control (70%): semester control (written and oral component)
Recommended books: 1. Дорофеєва Л.М. Реформування митних органів України в умовах євроінтеграції: [монографія] / Л.М.Дорофеєва -Видавничий дім "Гельветика"2017- 444с. 2.Козик В.В. Зовнішньоекономічні операції і контракти. Навч. посіб. - 3-тє вид., перероб. і доп. / Козик В.В., Панкова Л.А., Григор’єв О.Ю., Босак А.О., Карп’як Я.С.– Львів: «Магнолія 2006», 2014. – 512с. 3. Конспект лекцій з дисципліни “Митне обслуговування міжнародної економічної діяльності" для студентів другого (магістерського) рівня вищої освіти, галузі знань 29 «Міжнародні відносини», спеціальності 292 «Міжнародні економічні відносини» всіх форм навчання / Укл. к.е.н., доц. Сай Л.П., к.е.н., ст. викл. Григорєвим О.С., к.е.н., доц. Гнилянською Л.Й., д.е.н., проф. Бублик М.І. - Львів: НУ «Львівська політехніка», ІНЕМ, каф. ММП, 2019 -81с. 4.Кузьмін О.Є. Митна справа: навч. посібник-практикум / О.Є.Кузьмін, О.Г.Мельник, О.Ю.Григор’єв, А.О.Босак, К.О.Дорошкевич, А.В.Тодощук, М.Г.Книш, О.О.Маслак; За заг.ред.проф.О.Є.Кузьміна. – Київ: Каравела, 2015. – 232с. 5. Митне обслуговування міжнародної економічної діяльності: теоретичні положення і методичні підходи до практичних і лабораторних занять : [навч. посібн.] / О.Є. Кузьмін, О.Г. Мельник, О.Ю. Григор’єв, А.О. Босак, К.О. Дорошкевич, А.В. Тодощук, О.В. Мукан, О.І. Дорош. – Львів: СТ «Міські інформаційні системи», 2015. – 162 с. 6.The Customs Activity and Corruption / Efim Obreja, Viorelia Gasca, Natalia Calenic; Transparency International - Moldova. – Ch.: Transparency International - Moldova, 2012 (Bons Offices). – 135 p. 7. Zyuzko, D. A. Customs-Business Partnership: world experience, reflection in the Customs Code of the Eurasion Economic Union/ Journal of Development Economics, vol. 72, pp. 57-89 8.S. Elahi, A. Hasanzadeh. Examining the role of electronic customs in facilitating exports /Journal of Business Research, 43 (2017)- 211р. .