Global Economy

Major: International Economic Relations
Code of subject: 7.292.00.O.1
Credits: 5.00
Department: Management and International Business
Lecturer: Dc.Sc. in Economics, Professor Pyroh Olha (Department of MIB)
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: PH 1. Have the necessary knowledge and skills in business communication in the field of international economic relations, as well as communicate effectively at the professional and social levels, including oral and written communication in a foreign language / languages. PH 7. Investigate and analyze models of development of national economies and justify measures to achieve their strategic goals in the transformation of world economic relations. PH 8. To develop and research adaptive models of equalization of imbalances and leveling of threats of global development, to offer variants of the decision of problems by results of research. PH 10. Understand the patterns and trends of the world economy and the phenomenon of the new economy, taking into account the processes of intellectualization, informatization and scientific and technological exchange. ЗН 1. Conceptual knowledge acquired in the process of learning and / or professional activity at the level of the latest achievements, which are the basis for original thinking and innovation, in particular in the context of research work. ЗН 2. Critical comprehension of problems in education and / or professional activity and on the border of subject branches (in this discipline - international economic relations). УМ 1. Solving complex problems and problems that require updating and integration of knowledge, often in conditions of incomplete / insufficient information and conflicting requirements. УМ 2. Carrying out research and / or innovation activities. K 1. Clear and unambiguous communication of own conclusions, as well as knowledge and explanations that substantiate them, to specialists and non-specialists, in particular to students. AB 1. Decision-making in complex and unpredictable conditions, which requires the application of new approaches and forecasting.
Required prior and related subjects: Foreword code: • International Economic Relations; • International Econmics; • Economy of Foreign Countries. Correctional code: • Social Responsobility; • Global Problems of World Economy and International Economic Relations.
Summary of the subject: Formation and development of the global economy. Political economy of the global economic cycle. Technological resource of global economic development. Human resources of the global economy. Regulatory institutions of the global economy. Competition and leadership in the global economy.
Assessment methods and criteria: • current control (30%): independent work, tasks, oral questioning; • final control (70%): testing (40%), oral answer (30%).
Recommended books: 1. Global Economy: Textbook / O.E. Kuzmin, O.V. Pyroh, I.V. Litvin - Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House, 2016. - 300 c 2. Global economy: a textbook / OI Kovtun, P.O. Куцик, Г.І. Bashnyanin. - Lviv: LKA Publishing House, 2014. - 704 p. [On line] 3. Global economy: textbook: in 2 parts. Part 1. Theoretical foundations of global research. / В.В. Lipov. - Kharkiv: KhNEU by S. Kuznets, 2017. - 228 p. [On line] D0% 92% 20% D0% 92.pdf 4. Baten Joerg. A History of the Global Economy. From 1500 to the Present. 2016. [On line]. 5. Bartley Tim. Rules without Rights. Land, Labor, and Private Authority in the Global Economy. 2018. [On line]. 6. Dunning John H., Lundan Sarianna. Multinational Enterprises and the Global Economy (Second edit.). 2008. [On line].