Business Process Quality Management

Major: International Economic Relations
Code of subject: 7.292.00.M.20
Credits: 5.00
Department: Management and International Business
Lecturer: Shulyar Roman
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Required: - to plan, organize, motivate, evaluate and increase the effectiveness of teamwork, conduct research in a group under the leadership of a leader, taking into account the requirements and features of today in a limited time; - to carry out the complex analysis of difficult economic systems, to compare and compare their components, to estimate and argue estimations of efficiency of their functioning. Additional: - to know the basic principles of quality management, which should be understood as the full range of issues from international, public administration to quality management at the enterprise level, know the basis of definitions and concepts in quality, international and national standards of quality systems, modern approaches and concepts to quality management at enterprises (TQM, 6y, quality management based on ISO, etc.); - to be able to ensure the work of the quality system as a coordinated activity, which is to focus the efforts of all parts of the organization on quality assurance and quality control in the organization, be able to use "seven simple" quality assurance tools, graphical quality assurance methods, statistical quality management methods.
Required prior and related subjects: - Prerequisite: International strategic management - co-requisite: Innovative development of the enterprise
Summary of the subject: The place and role of quality in the enterprise management system: basic concepts and definitions in the field of quality, economic aspects of quality, quality and competitiveness; legal aspects of quality assurance, quality indicators. stages of quality management development: stages of quality management development in Ukraine; quality standards as tools for planning and organizing in the quality management system: basic concepts and definitions of standardization, state standardization in Ukraine, standardization in enterprises, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO); motivation of personnel in quality management systems: values ??and approaches to motivation of personnel in quality systems, search for opportunities to increase the level of motivation of personnel in quality systems; functions of control and regulation of quality management systems: principles of quality management systems, monitoring of quality management systems, structure of quality management system, general requirements to quality management system and responsibility of top management, resources in quality management system, statistical methods of quality management, graphic methods of statistical quality control , non-compliance control and improvement in the quality management system.
Assessment methods and criteria: - current control (50%): individual work, examination; - final control (50%): exam answer.
Recommended books: 1. Shulyar RV, Shulyar NV QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Tutorial. - Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic National University Publishing House, 2011. - 160 p. 2. Kostyuchenko MP Theoretical and methodological aspects of quality management. Part I: Textbook. - К .: Кондор, КОО, 2019. - 424 3. Bychkivsky RV Quality Management. Certification: Textbook. way. /, PG Stolyarchuk, LI Sopilnyk, OO Kalinsky. - К .: Школа, 2005. - 432 с. 4. Panchenko M. Quality management: theory and practice. Tutorial. - Kyiv: Center for Educational Literature, 2018. - 340 p.