Management of the Enterprise International Competitiveness

Major: International Economic Relations
Code of subject: 7.292.00.M.19
Credits: 5.00
Department: Foreign Trade and Customs
Lecturer: Horbal Nataliya
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. In-depth knowledge of the theoretical and conceptual framework of competitiveness in foreign trade. 2. In-depth knowledge of the factors ensuring the international competitiveness of products, companies, industries, regions and countries. 3. In-depth knowledge of classical and modern tools of systematic forming of competitive advantages, particularly in international markets. 4. Ability to analyze competitiveness, including international, of products, companies, industries, regions and countries. 5. The ability to systematically build and implement an international competitiveness strategy. . 6. Ability to develop effective management decisions on the international competitiveness.
Required prior and related subjects: Management, Marketing, Strategic Management, Management of Foreign Economic Activity
Summary of the subject: 1. Competition in the market economy. 2. The competitiveness of goods and services at the world market. 3. Factors ensuring international competitiveness. 4. Analysis and evaluation of international competitiveness. 5. Microstrategies of international competitiveness. 6. The control system of competitiveness at the world market. 7. The competitiveness of industries in the global economy. 8. Features of regions’ international competitiveness. 9. Current models of the competitiveness of national economies. 10. Regulation of competition at national and international levels. 11. The competitiveness in conditions of globalization.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (30%): express oral tests 5%, laboratory papers 15%, presentations 5%, individual scientific task 5%. Examination (70%): written test 50%, oral test 20%.
Recommended books: 1. Кузьмін О.Є., Горбаль Н.І. Управління міжнародною конкурентоспроможністю підприємства (організації): Навч.посібник. – Львів: Вид-во НУ «Львівська політехніка», 2004. – 188 с. 2. Кузьмін О.Є., Горбаль Н.І. Управління міжнародною конкурентоспроможністю підприємства: Підручник. – Львів: Компакт-ЛВ, 2005. – 304 с. 3. Zamborsky P. International Business and Global Strategy. 1st edition. - 2016. - / 4. Ritson N. Strategic Management. 2nd edition. - 2013. - / 5. Porter, M.E. (1998) On Competition, Boston: Harvard Business School, 1998. 6. Porter, M.E. (2008) "The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy", Harvard Business Review, January 2008, pp. 79–93. 7. Porter, M.E. & Kramer, M.R. (2011) "Creating Shared Value", Harvard Business Review, Jan/Feb 2011, Vol. 89 Issue 1/2, pp 62–77. 8. Porter, M.E. & Heppelmann, J.E. (2015) "How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Companies", Harvard Business Review, October 2015, pp 97—114.