Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 6.072.00.O.014
Credits: 6.00
Department: Management and International Business
Lecturer: PhD. Darmits R.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: To acquire the necessary basic knowledge of organization management, objective laws and principles of its functioning, to gain knowledge about the conditions, methods and tools of management, as well as to develop the skills and abilities of making rational management decisions in the process of professional growth and self-improvement.
Завдання: integral competence (INT): the ability to solve complex specialized tasks and practical problems during professional activity in the field of finance, banking and insurance or in the learning process, which involves the application of certain methods and provisions of financial science and is characterized by the uncertainty of conditions and the need to take into account the complex requirements for professional and educational activities. general (CC): ZK 03. Ability to plan and manage time; ZK 09. Ability to be critical and self-critical; ZK 10. Ability to work in a team; ZK 11. Ability to communicate with representatives of other professions of groups of different levels (with experts from other fields of knowledge/types of economic activity). special (professional, subject) (SK): SK 09. Ability to carry out effective communications; SK 10. Ability to determine, justify and take responsibility for professional decisions; SK 11. The ability to maintain an appropriate level of knowledge and constantly improve one's professional training.
Learning outcomes: PR 12. Use professional argumentation to convey information, ideas, problems and ways to solve them to specialists and non-specialists in the financial sphere of activity. PR 17. Identify and plan opportunities for personal professional development. PR 18. Demonstrate basic skills of creative and critical thinking in research and professional communication. PR 20. Perform functional duties in the group, offer sound financial solutions.
Required prior and related subjects: co-requisite: -Ukrainian language by professional direction prerequisite: - Marketing - Business Economics
Summary of the subject: The study of the discipline "Management" involves getting acquainted with the main categories of management, mastering the methods of designing OSU, working out the forms and salary systems in terms of motivating personnel, understanding, functions and methods, management decisions, communications and applying approaches to effective leadership in the process of managing an organization, etc.
Опис: Essence of management and its place in an enterprise management system. Management development history. Organization as object of management. Functions and technology of management. Planning as general function of management. Process of organization as general function of management. Motivation as general function of management. Monitoring as general function of management. Regulation as general function of management. Management methods. Management decisions. Information and communications in management. Management and leadership. Responsibility and ethics in management. Organizational changes and efficiency of management.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (30%): 30% - performance and protection of laboratory works; Final control (70%): semester control (written and oral component).
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Assessment of the knowledge of students is based on the performance of tasks within laboratory works (current control) and examination control. The teacher's decision regarding the level of knowledge and skills of the student revealed during the performance of tasks within the laboratory work of classes and examination control is evaluated according to the national scale and the 100-point scale and is transferred to the ECTS scale in accordance with such a transfer scale
Порядок та критерії виставляння балів та оцінок: 100–88 points – (“excellent”) awarded for a high level of knowledge (some inaccuracies are allowed) of the educational material of the component contained in the main and additional recommended literary sources, the ability to analyze phenomena; 87–71 points – (“good”) is awarded for a generally correct understanding of the educational material of the component, including calculations, reasoned answers to the questions, which, however, contain certain (insignificant) shortcomings; 70 – 50 points – (“satisfactory”) is given for weak knowledge of the educational material of the component, inaccurate or poorly reasoned answers; 49–26 points – (“not certified” with the possibility of retaking the semester control) is awarded for ignorance of a significant part of the educational material of the component, significant errors in answering questions; 25-00 points - ("unsatisfactory" with mandatory re-study) is awarded for ignorance of a significant part of the educational material of the component, significant errors in answering questions, inability to navigate when solving practical problems.
Recommended books: 1. Кузьмін О.Є. Менеджмент: графічна і таблична візуалізація: навч. посібник / О.Є.Кузьмін, О.Г.Мельник, І.С.Процик, С.Б.Романишин, Р.З. Дарміць. – 5-ге вид., випр. та доп. – Львів: видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2020. – 208с. 2. Кузьмін О.Є., Мельник О.Г. Теоретичні та прикладні засади менеджменту: Навчальний посібник. – 3-є вид. Львів: НУ «Львівська політехніка» (ІВЦ «ІНТЕЛЕКТ+» ІПДО) «Інтелект-Захід», 2007. – 384с. 3. Менеджмент: практичні і лабораторні заняття. Навчальний посібник. Для студентів всіх форм навчання галузей знань „Менеджмент і адміністрування” (дисципліна „Основи менеджменту”) та „Економіка і підприємництво” (дисципліна „Менеджмент”) / Укл.: О.Є. Кузьмін, І.С. Процик, Х.С. Передало, Р.З. Дарміць. – Львів: Видавництво Національного університету “Львівська політехніка”, 2017. – 172 с. 4. Основи менеджменту: підручник для студентів вищих навчальних закладів / кол. авторів; за ред. А.А. Мазаракі; Харків: Фоліо, 2014. – 846 с.
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