Business Documentation

Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 6.000.00.M.007G
Credits: 3.00
Department: Social Communication and Information Activities
Lecturer: Vovk Nataliia Stepanivna, Ph.D. in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: Formation of students' necessary theoretical and practical knowledge on documentation’s and organization’s work with documents in the process of management; acquisition of practical skills needed to work with documents
Завдання: the ability to demonstrate knowledge and practical skills in applying the rules and main directions of documenting management activities; in-depth knowledge of the practice of compiling personnel documentation in institutions; in-depth knowledge of the practice of documenting the economic activity of the enterprise; in-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of managing documentation processes in the aspects of documentation support for the activities of bodies; knowledge and understanding of relevant regulatory documents, current standards and technical conditions
Learning outcomes: Manage documentation processes of institutions, use electronic document management tools, organize reference and office activities. Know, understand and apply legislative and industry regulatory documents in practical activities To ensure the efficiency of the functioning of document and communication systems Communicate freely on professional matters, including oral, written and electronic communication in Ukrainian and one of the foreign languages. Evaluate the obtained results and justify the decisions made. Ability to communicate, including oral, written and electronic communication in Ukrainian and one of the foreign languages (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish). Lectures, practical classes - information-receptive method, reproductive method, problem statement method, independent work - reproductive method, research method
Required prior and related subjects: Ukrainian language (by professional direction)
Summary of the subject: The educational discipline highlights the main aspects of creating and maintaining documentation in organizations of various levels and forms of ownership. The course "Business documentation" promotes the assimilation of knowledge and the development of skills necessary for the documentation support of management activities of organizations.
Опис: Administrative service in organizations: peculiarities of work and characteristics of activity. Peculiarities of using requisites in domestic and international documentation. Peculiarities of conducting personnel records at the enterprise. Drafting of documents on general issues. Documentation of economic and foreign economic activity. Peculiarities of attributes in business relations
Assessment methods and criteria: Practical test Oral control (survey) Test control Program control
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Implementation and defense of practical works - 5 p. * 6 practical works = 30 points Testing - 70 points
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