Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 6.072.00.O.019
Credits: 5.00
Department: Marketing and Logistics
Lecturer: Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Hrynkevich Svitlana Stepanivna, Ph.D., associate professor Lykholat Svitlana Mykhailivna
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: Training of specialists capable of solving complex specialized marketing tasks and applied problems in the field of finance, banking, and insurance and during the educational and cognitive process, which involves the use of specialized theoretical and empirical methods.
Завдання: The study of the discipline involves the formation of competencies among students: General: ZK02. Ability to apply knowledge in practical situations. ZK06. Ability to conduct research at the appropriate level. ZK08. Ability to search, process, and analyze information from various sources. Professional: SK09. Ability to carry out effective communication. SK10. Ability to identify, justify and take responsibility for professional decisions. SC13. Ability to establish effective financial relations and long-term cooperation with consumers, intermediaries, investors, financial and credit institutions, and insurance companies, using documents on the basis of contract law. SK16. Ability to find out cause-and-effect relationships, analyze external and internal information for the formation of financial plans, development of elements of the product, price, sales, credit, tax, the investment policy of business entities/
Learning outcomes: PR12. Use professional reasoning to convey information, ideas, problems, and ways to solve them to specialists and non-specialists in the financial field of activity. PR16. Apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems and interpret the results in a meaningful way. PR19. Identify the skills of independent work, flexible thinking, and openness to new knowledge.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous academic disciplines Microeconomics Management Related and subsequent academic disciplines Finance, Money and credit, Insurance Statistics
Summary of the subject: The study of the discipline "Marketing" involves providing students with knowledge about the essence and content of marketing, its components, and methods. The discipline involves the acquisition of practical skills in the field of collecting information about the environment of the enterprise, making decisions within the individual components of its marketing mix and in the field of marketing management.
Опис: Topic 1. The essence of marketing and its modern concept Topic 2. The system and characteristics of modern marketing Topic 3. Marketing research Topic 4. Marketing product policy Topic 5. Marketing pricing policy Topic 6. Distribution marketing policy Topic 7. Marketing promotion policy Topic 8. Organization and control of marketing activities Topic 9. Planning marketing activities
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control of the applicant's work: – solving settlement, analytical and situational problems; – performance of laboratory works and their protection; – discussion of problematic theoretical issues. 2. Final control (exam): – assessment of applicants' knowledge involves a written and oral component.
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Performance of practical tasks and assessment of knowledge - 10 points Performance of laboratory tasks and their protection - 20 points Exam - 70 points (55 - written component, 15 - oral component)
Порядок та критерії виставляння балів та оцінок: According to the results of training to get 100 points. According to the results of the current control, the student can score a maximum of 30 points. The mandatory types of work of current control include: 1. Practical tasks for which the applicant can get a maximum of 10 points. For the discussion of situational exercises No2 and No7 a maximum 3 points each, for the implementation of group tasks, No4 and No5 is given a maximum of 1 point. The survey in the classroom is estimated at a maximum of 2 points. Points are deducted for mistakes and inaccuracies. 2. Performing laboratory tasks involves placing them in the VNS within the time limits set by the teacher. For laboratory classes, the applicant can get a maximum of 20 points. The maximum score is given to applicants who have correctly solved all the tasks and defended five laboratory works. When grading, the following is taken into account: compliance with the option; registration in accordance with the guidelines; correctness of calculations; correctness of conclusions; correctness, completeness, and conciseness of answers during the protection of work. For the correctness of the student's performance of each laboratory work according to the option and its placement in the VNS, a maximum of 2 points are given, for its protection – also a maximum of 2 points. Points are deducted for mistakes and inaccuracies. According to the results of the final control (exam), the applicant can get a maximum of 70 points. The exam consists of written and oral components. The written component is an examination ticket, which consists of tasks of three levels, evaluated on a separate scale (55 points). During the oral component, the applicant can receive from 0 to 15 points for answering the examiner's questions.
Recommended books: 1. Маркетинг: Підручник / [В. Руделіус, О.М. Азарян, О.А. Виноградов та ін.]; ред.-упор. О.І. Сидоренко, П.С. Редько. – К.: Навчально-методичний центр «Консорціум із удосконалення менеджмент-освіти в Україні», 2005.– 422 с. 2. Маркетингові дослідження: підручник / Н. С. Косар, О. Б. Мних, Є. В. Крикавський, С. В. Леонова. – Львів: Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2018. – 460 c. 3. Мороз Л.А. Маркетинг: Підручник/ Л.А. Мороз, Н.І. Чухрай; за ред. Л.А. Мороз. – 5-те вид., онов. - Львів: Бухгалтерський центр «Ажур», 2010. - 232 с.
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